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Good Morning/Afternoon/Night

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Hello Everyone! 

I'm not exactly sure how I had discovered this website, I do remember that it was some time at night and I was browsing through a few hundred forums and clicked on an interesting looking sprite. So far I'm adoring these little dragon creatures and the small details that are either written or drawn! I wish I could pat them. Do you remember the first time you discovered Dragon Cave? 

I'm open to messages and just little chit chats here and there. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read! 
- grimfacedhuman. 

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Oh gosh it was a while ago, but I remember! Someone had the eggs in their signature in a forum; the forum was for an MMO I played at the time. The rest is history!


Welcome :)

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Welcome to DC forum!


I came from minecraft forum as some of them had eggs at their sig. It was rediscover for me tho.

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