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New Dragonkeeper Kisuta

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Hi everyone,


I'm here since nearly a month and I like dragons <3

Female, around 20 to 200 years old from Europe and I love the idea of dragoncave.

I like to draw, but I'm don't upload all my drawings online. I also love my two cats, my "real" dragons, watching movies, like music, go to the gym and to read.

In my free time I also like to write and to create stories.


Oh and I want to ask something... I'm not sure, if this is the right topic and I can't find sth in the forum... Short: I love to draw little comics.

After playing, I would love to make a (longer) comic, inspired with the dragons of dragoncave... I still working on a good story around this dragons, and I would love to get a few charas and ideas from other, so the world, I want to create, can grow. But first I wanted to get information if I'm allowed, cause I want to upload it. Of course I would make a credit to dragoncave, I don't want to get money from, but should I, I would donate it to dragoncave. Maybe I'm not the first person thinking of a fanart-comic, but I just want to be sure. Nothing is worser, then someone steals from others ^^"


Sorry if I seems to be silly ^^"

Hope to see you "ingame" and if you want to know sth about me just ask :D


Have a nice day and good growing dragons ^^


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Hello and welcome :)


As for fanart, I've certainly seen other fanart done, but I suppose it would depend on the individual artists that did the dragons (and you certainly couldn't profit off it in any way). Perhaps a help mod could answer your question better there. ^^;

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normal it should not be a problem with fanart, as long it's clear... And my goal is not to make profit with it, in no way. But maybe it's a nice way to get dragoncave a few extra donation, I was thinking to make a link to the donation side of dragoncave (which already exists). But I thank you very much for your answer ^^ I will try to ask a help mod.


Have a nice day ^^

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