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SPAM:Raffle For 2Gs From My Prizes

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Hello People!


I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with two prizes, a female silver tinsel and Male bronze shimmer, which I love to bits.


I feel like sharing that good luck, so I want to make a raffle that people can enter to have a chance to get one of their babies!


The rules are simple-

If you meet the raffle requirements, you may enter (these will be listed below).

NO freezing, killing, abandoning or trading as you will be black listed for doing so. If it dies due to view bombing/sickness, you will be unable to renter for two weeks, and a replacement is not guarenteed, so please take care! 

You may regift, but please ask me first.

Please name them, if you don’t want to fair enough but I like my babies named!


Raffle Requirements (Prize Babies):

- Bronze trophy and up

- Under 10 3G or less prize dragons, or a prizekin which fits the bred dragon, e.g. if you had a falconiform wyvern x bronze shim, and one of the eggs up for grabs is from a falconiform wyvern.


Raffle Requirements (Prizekin):

- Any trophy level.


Please bear in mind, I wouldn’t like the sight of dead eggs!

Also, the raffle requirements are subject to change, for example the requirements for actual prizes may be for anyone if I find this suits people better.


If you would like to be part of it, please say so, and what you would like to be on the raffle for like below:


I would like to enter the raffle!

I would like: Prize/Prizekin/Any


Please only enter when I have bred and raised the eggs to hatchlings.


If anyone has preferences for the mates, do let me know.

If anyone wants to join in and breed Prizes, Prizekins or other nice things for the raffle, you are free to do so :) but please let me know.


The eggs have not yet been bred, however both are free to breed. I will see what people are interested in, and put up a poll if it’s a bit varied.






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