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hi again

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I draw

here's a speedpaint prooving it's my work I guess (cant you just belive me ehck) 




not to self-promote, I really only post these videos for friends and for portfolios.

here's one with my normal style (not a pixel drawing god I hate spriting)



and here is a normal drawing that I do normally? im just trying to give you as much content as I can I guess lol.




discord link, I couldn't get it to save. srry. it's a pony request for a "friend" ehck.

I joined dragcave because I used to play it a long time ago, don't remember my old account, could care less, joined again because a good "friend" (same person I drew the pony for) reminded me about it.

I just sit in the abandoned page waiting for something with a cool sprite or a rare egg to pop up. it's fun and easy since these dragons take days to raise. good thing to do to kill time, especially when im working on big projects. idk what else to put here.

I dont take commissions.

I dont do requests (often) unless it's like super cool and I would want to do it lol. this stuff takes time and energy. can't do everything for free, tips are appreciated but never something I would directly ask for.

some icky information most people dont like below.



hope you like it??? I cant post most of my good stuff, at least I think I cant, it's way too pornographic. not putting any links, so uh ill try to get as much as I can(of just the clean stuff.)

some more info on what type of work I do (?)

Editing, general hentai artist (will not take any form of request here) gore artist, comic artist, general cinematography and others (?) like character writing and world creation.



idk what else to put here lol just talk to me im lonelyy

heckie doodly noodly I cant make threads well

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