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Hello, I'm Seule


it's nice to meet all of you. I'm generally on the extremely introverted side of things, so I might not be the most active on here, but I'll do my best. I'm here because I like dragons and I'm interested in the dynamics of the game. I do have some pretty significant problems reading a lot of small text, so I apologize if I miss something here and there. I guess I like ghosts a lot, and I like thinking about the possibility of the supernatural. I'm more interested in the theories surrounding them than whether or not they're actually real; I just like to think about the concepts because they interest me. As I said, I am extremely introverted but I'm also not opposed to making new friends, I just have a pretty slow response rate to interactions that are purely social. Still, don't be afraid to say hi if you think that we'd get along. I don't think that I can edit my signature yet until this post is approved, so I'll just sign at the bottom for now.


- S

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Hello seule, welcome to the DC forums, enjoy your stay! Can't say I believe in the supernatural, mostly because my Victorian house is so peaceful! Any haunted houses I visit, don't show any activity. :(

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