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Official Greeting of Trebonth

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Hello, maybe some of you know the profile in Egg Cave called Thartler. But to reaffirm my position there - I am just your everyday role-player from Central Europe, who stumbled upon these forums as I looked for a place for next role-play of mine to thrive. Mostly, the RPs I've played weren't that well-built, barring the circumstances, hell, even some of my own weren't, but currently I'm going through a new time - and I want to extend my knowledge of RPing primarily. Don't get me wrong, while doing that I'll be still a perfectly fine member of Egg Cave community.


Most of the time I have free time, and I feel like it's a curse to me - I'm simply bored.


I'll be fine to do 1x1 or other more than 10 sentences, perhaps even more than 1 paragraph in my posts, but don't expect it being perfectly made and I may make mistakes somewhere.


This being said, my interests mainly comes to animal-like creatures - including animals themselves. Those are Pokemon, monsters (just not anthropomorphic, I don't like to imagine a human-like fox, but I'll perfectly imagine three-headed bird), etcetera. Some other include strategies, especially Age of Empires, Paradox Entertainment ones (Hearts of Iron and Crusader Kings), sandbox games (since creativity) and some RPG games as well.


I really hope that we all will have a good time role-playing, sharing fun stuff, having fun running the RPs or playing them, and most importantly - getting more experience while doing so.


By the way, I can do digital art (pixel art isn't good though), but don't expect wonders either. My best image is a bit too big to send there though... such is the nature of my digi-art.

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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


If you don't mind to share some of your arts, you may open your thread at Original Works section :) 

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