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Reflective Selves

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Within every human lies a hidden self. This self, the Reflective Self, lies deep within the human consciousness. When this self is awakened, one is consumed in a body most suited to themselves. This represents the ideal self, what one wishes to see as opposed to what they see in reality.


Awaken your Reflective Self, and discover







*dusts off the cobwebs* Ah, hello, I’m back again with another project. This is, in a way, based off of a few different things, namely Digimon Frontier and Persona. However, this is an original universe, and the characters must be original as such. Now to open up the world.




As the introduction says, everyone has a Reflective Self, a physical manifestation of their ideal selves. This Self, when triggered, becomes merged with the person who triggers their Self.

However, only select people can evoke their Reflective Selves. These people are able to unlock minor mystical abilities outside of their Selves, which can be seen from an early age. These children are sent to a special school in secret to learn to control their powers early on. However, in the Heidelberg Academy, a certain clique of students learns how to integrate into normal society whilst fine-tuning their Selves. In this Academy, everyone learns the main core curriculum ( http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/future/core-courses ). However, those who wield the Self have their own club, disguised as a study group, while meeting in secret to train.


The Academy is built from the remnants of an old castle in Heidelberg, Germany. Around the castle are a series of residence halls that wind around the castle like a clock. In the dorms are six-person suites, three bedrooms to a suite. Each bedroom fits two students. The shadow of the castle is the quickest way to tell the time, though modern technology is often used instead. The students speak every language, coming from every corner of the earth. They are ranging from normal to Self Users, but nobody is aware of the Self except for those who are able to use their powers.


At night, this “study group” goes to defeat the Creatures of the Shadowy Soil. These creatures come in at night to steal away straggling humans at the hour of 3:33 AM to 4:44 AM. This early hour is a dangerous one, yet nobody but the Self Users know why.


To evoke the Reflective Self, one must use a ring with a sharp claw on their left hand, they will cut their middle finger on their left hand and allow the blood to flow. They change form to become their Ideal Self, which comes with different magic elements of fire, electricity, wind, ice, light, darkness, and healing. This can be a painful transformation, one that will cause insanity in some. These are led to tragic ends indeed. For those who can survive it, there is still much more to learn at the Academy.


The Creatures of the Shadowy Soil have been rather unruly as of late. It’s about time for those who wield the Reflective Self to move forward and continue their training.




The Vocabulary:


  • Reflective Self- A physical manifestation of the Ideal Self. Said to be a “reflection” of the Visible Self. Often is based off of the trait one most desires to possess.
  • Ideal Self- What one wishes to be.
  • Visible Self- What people see normally. Often imperfect and reflecting on their Ideal Self.
  • The Creatures of the Shadowy Soil- Creatures with bodies of shadow and armor of solid rock and soil. Vicious creatures, nobody is sure what they resemble, perhaps giant walking frogs. They vary in size and armor, but all have a similar look.





The Rules:




  1. All Dragon Cave rules apply.
  2. Treat each other with the utmost respect.
  3. This is the Discord: https://discord.gg/P8Kdda8 Use this as the OOC thread.
  4. No god-modding in the Discord or the RP.
  5. Don't powerplay or use your characters as if they're OP when they are not. Big battles are supposed to be a team effort.
  6. Make sure you double-check with someone before you battle/make romantic advances/etc.
  7. Try to avoid explicit scenes, and fade to black when they come. Keep gore ambiguous as well! This is a PG13 forum.
  8. All cursing past “hell” or “damn” should be censored, and please don't curse too much unless your character is a sailor-mouth.
  9. Be patient with me. I have a lot on my plate outside of school, so I won't be on all the time. If I'm absent for too long, just send me a message in Discord or ping me in the server.
  10. If you have any ideas for the RP, feel free to share in the Discord!
    The rules are subject to change at my disc
    retion. Be sure to check back often.
  11. Have fun~!


On Characters:


  1. Yes, they can be pretty boys.
  2. Age range for students is 13-19 years of age. Age range for instructors is 26+.
  3. Original universe means original characters! They may be based on a canon character, but the line between OC and Canon is at my discretion.
  4. Please fill out a character sheet!
  5. No Mary Sues. Try to leave room to develop your characters as you go along.
  6. Make the Reflective Selves diverse! Don’t make everyone’s Self based off of the same trait.
  7. There is no character limit!
  8. Try to have more people who can wield the Reflective Self, but they can be normal if you want!


~On Romance~


  1. Keep in mind that any romance should be relatively subtle and not the focus of everything. This isn't a romance RP.
  2. No incest, unless it's joking. Crack shipping moments are allowed, as long as they aren't too raunchy.
  3. Please don't have characters already dating each other at first! If they have a significant other at home, cool, but otherwise no.
  4. Relationships may be based on the sexuality of the character.
  5. Don't argue about the pairings that people create. If the owners of both characters agree on it, it's not our problem. That being said, please make sure that any relationships that occur come naturally, alright? Thanks.








[If instructor] Subject:

Can they wield the Reflective Self?:




Ideal Self:

Reflective Self:



  • Mikasa361- Jehan Durand, Evonna Durand







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