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{horror-based rp} | the haunted ones | {accepting}

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{warning for non-graphic mentions of murder}



You've been haunted for as long as you can remember.


By what, you aren't sure. Perhaps you've always searched for what it was; Perhaps not. But it's always made you an outcast; Someone different from others, someone not to be trusted. "That one hears voices," they say, pointing at you and whispering. "That one sees things."


You gave up trying to tell them what was happening when you were young, too young to know why they wouldn't listen. Too young for it to be taken seriously, leaving it just a memory in others' heads as you grew older, even though it never faded from you own.


Or perhaps you tried to convince them, becoming more and more different from others, so strange they didn't recognize you as their own anymore.


Either way, you knew you were never the same as the rest; You knew something was different, something was off. They couldn't hear it. They couldn't understand what you did. They didn't stay up late, trying to drown the voices out with music, trying to blind yourself in pitch black so you might not see it anymore- They didn't desperately search for an outlet, for someone who understood.


But no one did.


Not until the first death.


Not until the news came to you, carrying a phrase you've heard ever since you learned how to think.


"Three found dead in their homes, each leaving only a note saying 'the clock ticks on' behind."



the haunted ones | l i s t e n





You've heard voices and seen things ever since you were understood what 'seeing' and 'hearing' was- Perhaps even earlier, but before then, you couldn't register it. You always thought you were alone in this- Until a recent string of murders have been revealed, each note left behind by the victims saying the same thing, something that you've always heard in your head, ever since you were young.

No one's sure who or what is causing these attacks, and there seems to be nothing in common with the victims... Nothing, except one of them, in the past, went to therapy for "hearing voices". Due to this one link, you have a sinking feeling you know what's happening.

Thankfully, these attacks aren't every day, or even every week; Once a month, it seems, is the norm. But with no pattern, no one can track down what's doing this-

...Or maybe, just maybe, you can.




The time is roughly modern day, late winter. The place is a large town, roughly 10,000 people residing there. There are stores, restaurants(fast food, cafes, all types), two high schools, and three elementary schools. This place used to be much bigger, and that's shown in the excess amount of buildings for sale- There used to be around 34,000 people, but as other cities began to grow and get more things, the size of the town began to dwindle. Snow is just starting to melt, leaving trees barren, the scenery dull, and a chill in the air. A river runs nearby, leading into a large lake. There's a valley in the town, leading down to a park for wildlife to safely live.

No one is aware of those who roam the streets, not quite human anymore, or seeing and hearing things that aren't.




1] Respect others and try to have fun, please! If you're making it less fun for other people, or not being respectful, I'll try to suggest how to fix it- Or you'll just have to leave.

2] No character limit, but if your character isn't getting used much/you want to get rid of them, I'll message you about other options. (One option is just offing them, but there are others as well.)

3] Feel free to talk to me about making it more fun for other people! 

4] Non-human characters will not be allowed- Not yet. However, later on, characters might get some special things in exchange for something important to them... Or not-so-important.

5] Normal people are probably just NPCs, as they won't be much fun to play. Certain shop owners will be, as well, but you're welcome to discuss with me about relationships with the NPCs(children, siblings, etc)!

6] Wait until your character is approved to start posting!

7] Anyone is welcome to join the discord. You can just pop in to ask questions or see the OOC in there, see how things work- As long as you're appropriate on there!

8] Please message me your forms!

9] No Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus! Your character will still develop as they go along!

10] Please censor all cursing past Hell/Damn, and please keep it to a mini,u,.

11] No Godmodding, Powerplaying, etc. I'll be the one controlling the NPCs and the world around you. You're free to give suggestions, but you don't control it.

12] If you have ideas for the plot/creatures/etc, please message me them either over the DMs here or on the discord!

13] Anything else? Message me!


{Character Sheet}

Name: First and last!
Nickname: Optional
Age: 14-30 years old.
Gender: Female, Male, Other(please specify pronouns)?

Sexuality: A fulfilling relationship before you die.
Personality: At least include three details(ex. loud, optimistic, outgoing)
Appearance: Pictures or description allowed. Or both.
Their "Ideal" Person: What they'd sound like, look like, act like, etc. This is to be private and only shared with me(for now)!
History: Optional(though I would like to know a few minor details- their living situation, where they work/go to school)


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{Accepted Characters}




Name: Evonna Durand

Nickname: Ev, Eevee
Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual/Heteroromantic

Personality: Evonna is a rather tomboyish, reserved girl who typically spends her time alone or with a small group of friends. Very rarely does she make friends, and she’s not necessarily looking to do so. Her temper is rather short, and she is more than willing to get herself into a fight when provoked.

Don’t allow yourself to think that her silence means she's plotting your murder, though. Evonna is the kindest, gentlest soul you've ever met. When you get close to her, expect her to be the mom friend of the group, and for her to give you things like it's Christmas. She’s a bit of punk, often listening to alternative and punk bands. She absolutely enjoys music and is often seen with earphones in her ears. Sometimes Evonna watched soap operas when she was alone at home (it’s a guilty pleasure) while noshing on her mother’s white chocolate macadamia cookies. She was a diligent student, and you would also find her studying in her spare time. In school she typically didn’t contribute to the discussion unless it was something she is passionate about- History or music. She also kickboxes, which helps control her temper. While most people vent, Evonna will punch something. But under that, she’s just a shy girl who doesn’t want to cause problems. She is a kind and generous girl at heart and will happily make batches of baked goods for everyone.

Appearance: Evonna has a round face with narrow hazel eyes. She has more of a pear shape, with a B-cup breast size, but her shoulders are slightly broad. She has toned arm muscles. Her hair is medium length and in tight caramel brown curls. Oftentimes she will wear weave, braids being her style of choice. She has small pearl earrings in her lobes, one set. Evee’s skin is a light toffee color. She stands at about 5'7".

When she’s out and about, Evonna wears a variety of different clothes, typically crop tops, skinny jeans, loose T-shirts, shorts, skirts paired with leggings,and either sneakers or tall boots. Sometimes she’ll dress like a punk. Usually she wears her hair down.

History: Evonna was born in France, to a Cameroonian mom and a French/Estonian father. Her parents went missing, leaving her and her elder brother Jehan behind. Jehan, who was five at the time, has slightly better memories of them than Evonna, who was only two. They were adopted by a French couple who resided in Quebec. Evonna is aware of this- her parents had told her when she was eight and inquired why she didn’t look at all like them. This didn’t come as too much of a shock to her, but she’s not as close to her parents as she was before. Sometimes she still wonders why they hadn’t told her earlier.

Growing up, Evonna typically clung to her brother, and as a result got to know a couple of Jehan’s friends. Sometimes she would get into fights with them just for fun. That was how she learned how to fight. When a certain person in school started to pick on her for being adopted, they would often find themselves getting the daylights beaten out of them. It was after several of these incidents that Evonna’s parents got her into kickboxing, to take her anger at that bully out on… Well, anything but that person’s face, frankly.

Throughout high school she decided that History was her passion, and she thought that was what she wanted to pursue in college.

Other: She likes cheese omelettes.


Name: Jehan Durand

Nickname: J, Metalhead, Dorkus, some obscene nicknames

Age: 19

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual/Panromantic

Personality: Jehan is a bit of a rebel, often getting himself into minor mischief. But thanks to his parents being very supportive and understanding, people fail to notice that behind the punk exterior lies a polite, friendly young man who loves making friends. He also enjoys baking with his sister, because it’s just plain fun and he likes to eat cookie dough.


He is very protective of his baby sister, and if anyone tries to mess with her (if she doesn’t get to them first), he knows how to kick some ass. If necessary, he will render you unconscious if it means Evonna is safe. As for his friends, he cares about them just as much, but will not go to such extremes.


Jehan also is a bit of a flirt, but usually likes to reserve that for occasions, as he can tell when someone does not wish to be given that sort of attention. He makes sure that whoever he’s talking to feels comfortable around him, not like they want to pepper spray him. Reading is a fun past time for him, yet one may usually see him whittling a little piece of wood with his carving knife. He also has a higher pain tolerance than his sister, just a bit of a fun fact.

Appearance: Jehan stands at about 6’2” with a muscular, yet lean frame. Just like his sister, Jehan has toffee colored skin, but his hair is jet black. It is straight, and oftentimes Jehan keeps part of his hair tied up in a bun. His narrow eyes are dark, and he has a very angular face. He has many piercings- a bunch on both ears (helix, rook,daith, tragus, you name it), an eyebrow piercing, and, if you look at him while he speaks, a silver tongue ring which he is quite proud of.


Jehan often wears comfortable clothing, but usually leans towards the punk aesthetic as he does so. His clothing items of choice are dark jackets, long sleeve shirts, slim jeans and boots.

History: Almost the same as Evonna. However, Jehan was much more extroverted and liked to make as many friends as he could. He’s had a few partners in his life, none of which were serious enough to consider anything long term. But perhaps if something came his way, he’d consider. Jehan was always a mathematical and musical kind of guy, and he wanted to one day do something in the sciences.

Other: Ev’s brother


Name: Zhibek Akhmatova

Nickname: Bek, Beka, Beshka
Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual/Heteroromantic

Personality: Contrary to her edgy way of dress, Zhibek is the kindest girl you could ever meet. She is more than willing to go out of her way to make friends. She is outgoing and not afraid to speak her mind. However, she knows where the line is, and not to cross it. She knows when to swallow her pride when she knows she has done something wrong. Usually she avoids physical fights, because she has learned through experience that it was not worth it. As a friend, Bek is very loyal and cares about her friends with every inch of her being.

Zhibek loves learning languages, and often is found reading books in different languages- mainly Russian, German, Korean, and English. Her favorite language to learn was Korean. She loves German metal music and KPOP- this is most of the music that she listens to. And for some reason, math is her favorite subject- this is because her mind likes having a direct solution to a problem. When it comes to thinking in an abstract way, she is not going to be the first person to ask.

Appearance: Zhibek stands at 4’11” with a slim build and a B cup breast size. She has a round face with thin, deep-brown eyes. Her long black hair reaches her waist and falls in rich waves. Despite being a legal adult in most countries, she is often mistaken for younger than 18. Her skin is a light olive color.

On her left ear are several helix piercings, all silver hoops. She is also single pierced on both lobes. Also she has a delicate silver hoop on her left nostril. Typically she wears clothes in a more biker-like style- leather jackets, dark skinny jeans, combat boots, and fingerless gloves. Oftentimes she will wear her hair in a ponytail or a back bun.

History: Born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Zhibek is the youngest of three children. She has two older brothers who looked out for her. She often proved to not need them though- for a while she did resort to violence to solve her problems, much to her parents’ dismay. But by the age of 13, Zhibek knew how ridiculous it was to continue that behavior. Even then, she had a strong enough personality to clap back if someone tried to start drama with her. This was a trait that some admired, which helped her make a wide circle of friends. 
Some time back, she had a fiancé. He was a handsome, kind young man who saw the sweetness of Zhibek’s soul. They loved each other like Zhibek’s parents did before her. He had a troubled childhood, which made her love him even more, since he had managed to overcome so many obstacles. Tragically, he was killed in a car crash. Zhibek still wears the ring on a chain around her neck to this day.

Other: Zhibek is a black belt in karate.




Name:  Jack Valentine
Nickname: Hades, freak, JV, Red, Jack Skelton, Diablo
Age: 19
Gender: male his/him pronouns

Sexuality: bisexual heteromantic
Personality: introverted, old fashioned, and strange. At least his friends would say that if he had any. He prefers to be dressed in old military clothes, does civil war reenactments, LARPs, anything odd or morbid. He's good with guns, and makes his own music or listens to classical or modern composers. He loves the sound of the cello. 
Appearance: He's 6'10" tall, usually in  2" high boots. Medium length messy hair, jet black with bangs dyed blood red. His eye is naturally red. Not albino pink, but actually red.  At least his left one is, his right eye is covered with a red contact lense because it looked almost like amber and it unsettled people too much. He's somewhere in between pale and tan depending on the time of year. He usually wears a old grey coat with black gloves and a pair of steampunk goggles when he rides his moped. He has a scar on his upper and lower lip, another under his hair splitting his left eyebrow and crescent moon chunk of his left ear cartilage missing.  Overall he's a fit and handsome young man. His voice is soft but carries well.  Amazing with children and treats everyone with respect. 


History:  Jack had a rough life. His immediate family was murdered at the age of five by his estranged uncle, he was kidnapped and abused by the same man and once he was arrested when he was eleven he was sent to a group home where he bounced in and out of for three years, a stint in a asylum at 14 for about six months before he broke out and ran away living on his own on the streets. He fought and clawed for every thing he currently has. However you'll never really know what he went through by his looks and soft, gentlemanly nature. He put himself through school, self taught himself the cello and holds the record at the local boxing gym for most sparring wins 38-4. Currently he works as a cemetery caretaker, a museum janitor and tour guide for the town. 
Other: the tour is of local 'haunted' attractions and homes of famous murders. It's called 'Guide to Hell's gate'


Name: Astrid Maia DiAngelo
Nickname: Astroid, bright star, calypso, little Angel, Soldatino are family/friend names. Cow, coffee bean, Cookies and cream, Spot are some of the less offensive names strangers call her. 
Age: 18  bday August 1st 
Gender: Female

Sexuality: heterosexual
Personality: Astrid is very loud in voice although when moving she's so quiet that she could practically come and go without you ever knowing she was there. A bit of a prankster, when in a friend's house she'd move or hide objects so they'll believe the place has ghosts or little people who barrow things. Her demeanor is often cheerful and hyper only winding down when she's cooking ,baking or making something to release stress. She's a nerd, having made her own cosplay costumes and have several props from her favorite movies including the ax from the Shinning, Sting from Lord of the Rings, all the wands from the Harry potter/ fantastic Beasts franchise and even some made from her other favorite shows/games (Tesiga, a key blade, Zelda's sword and shield, ST Captain chair from the Enterprise etc.) all over her large house. 

  However things aren't so sunshine and daisies with her. Once a month she has a complete mental breakdown where she hides a well lit room, refusing to eat much and sleep much lashing out at anyone who comes in. What usually triggers this bout of insanity is a monthly call from her father asking her to come home or go to a ivy league school to finish college instead of taking online courses and attending a public college then asks how's church, Astrid not having the heart to tell her only remaining parent that she's no longer practicing and hasn't been since she was fourteen. 
Appearance:  5'4" tall, A-cup Brest size, slender with curves only notable in yoga pants and body armor.  Her hair, usually shoulder length platinum blond changes color depending on the day and her mood, often using koolaid or non-evasive temporary dyes. Her skin is a rich Carmel mocha color, eyes are a blue/violet. She has the has the skin disease called vitiligo causing minor light cream colored patches on her skin. On the nape of her neck is a wine dark strawberry shaped birthmark.  The cream spots cover the last two fingers of her left hand to her wrist before stopping. A unique thin swirl pattern appeared on her sternum, curling three times before going to the right side and pooling on her right hip. Her left foot from the ankle down is white with sprinkles going to her knee like someone flicked a paint brush at her leg.  A crescent moon spot formed on her left butt check. 

Astrid supports a naturally loud voice often being mistaken for shouting or being angry. She has a vampire bite piercing on her neck and two slender gold hoops in a viper bite on her dark pink lips.  Her eyes are actually very blue like Elizabeth Taylor's  and in certain lighting appears to be violet.
History: her heritage being a mix of Navajo, polish and Italian. Her mom was the first two, a interesting combination of blonde hair and tan skin, her dad is full Italian. Although from a wealthy family, she was sent to the states to see psych doctors and undergo expensive treatments for the times when she'd be screaming in her room for the voices to stop and for those creepy old nuns to stop that music.


Why nuns? She was sent to a old fashioned Catholic school in Italy were the head mistress was absolutely certain that she (who practiced both Navajo and Catholic faith) was the span of satin and when a white spot starting showing up on her toe when she was six, the isolation and spiritual abuse started to worsen. Every wrongdoing was her fault although she wasn't even in the room. She had holy water dumped on her to wake her up, oil and salt thrown at her, nuns gripping their rosaries and spitting on her then was moved to a isolation chamber when the white had spread over her foot at 10.


Even more abuse started to happen when she hit puberty earlier than the other girls and was eventually sent home at 12. She went to a different Catholic church in Poland in the mountains were there was no contact with anyone other than 40 other girls and 67 nuns. Now she can't look at a habit or walk past a Catholic church without shivering, becoming strictly into the pagan religions and the sciences particularly Astrology, bontony and nature studies. She wants to become a astrophysicist or a botanist and her last choice would be a wildlife biologist. She is currently working on her master's degree in astrological occurrences. 
Other: - She's fluent in several languages: Navajo,polish, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean and English. 

- She has Ocd, getting upset or violent when things aren't in their place (mostly in the kitchen, her craft room and office. It's best not to go into the rooms without permission)

- She self taught herself Korean and Japanese to watch anime better.

- Although she doesn't practice the faith anymore she wears a black gold crucifix on her neck along with a St. Honore medallion the patron of bakers and pastry chefs and St. Martha (cooks, wait staff, and  housewives) medal in platinum and gold respectively. They are the last gift her mother sent her before she died when Astrid was 17 as a graduation gift. 




Name: Harold Malson
Age: 18 ()
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Greysexual (toward female)
Personality: Quiet, reserved, and a touch paranoid, Harold prefers to stay silent and observe from the sidelines. He is careful, focused, and meticulous once he gets past his neuroticism. He feels uncomfortable when he is underprepared for any given task, tending instead to overestimate the amount of things he needs. He is guilty of overpacking for trips to account for any disaster that may befall him or anyone else.

Appearance: Harold is not very tall at 5'8, but he is lanky in form and his withdrawn posture makes him look smaller. His dark eyes typically seem tired and sullen, as if he has little life in him, and his black hair is cut close to his head, short and out of the way.

He can and will get away with wearing the same thing several days in a row. He has a few T-shirts featuring wolves but they are hidden under his number of different hoodies he wears now that the temperature is a bit chill. He chooses some jeans and some flat-footed sneakers, whatever is clean, trying his best to dust them free of cat hair.

History: Harold grew up in this town and can't wait to leave it, as if distancing himself from his birthplace would stop the voices from calling to him. He hopes to pursue his interest in animal sciences and is eagerly waiting for the university offers to come in.  He is an only child and his parents are relatively well-off, each holding a stable position in the community, but they aren't often home and tend to leave him alone when they are.

He has three cats (Tiger, Daisy and Bandit), and one dog (Chief), adopted from the shelter he volunteers at part-time.

Harold doesn't have many friends from school and tends to leave for home immediately when the bell rings. He instead spends his time online, searching for answers and connections, and documenting his thoughts on a blog under a pseudonym. His fixation on the words the clock ticks on is nothing short of obsessive. He has written it at least a thousand times in his personal notes.

- He has been in the same class as Aria since she moved to town in time for high school. She has been his only friend for the past two and a half years and constantly presses him for any new information on the voices they both hear.
- His room looks a little like a stereotypical conspiracy theorist's: the wall over his desk is filled with images, notes, and articles taped up in a semi-organized fashion and connected with pins and yarn.
- Harold's knowledge of superstition and folklore is quite impressive. Sometimes he can't help but adhere to some of them. His house key has a rabbit's foot on it as a keychain.


Name: Aria D'Orazio
Age: 17 ()
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual (leaning female)
Personality: Straightforward, confident, and aggressively fearless, Aria isn't afraid to take risks and try new things. She is outgoing and the first one to start a conversation to fill the silence, or the first one to initiate an event. She likes people and she likes variety, terrible at planning but good at making the best of a bad situation.

Aria acts before she thinks and she is not delicate with people's feelings, choosing instead to speak her mind without much of a filter. This behavior occasionally leads to herself or other people getting hurt, physically or emotionally. However, she only boasts when she can back up her claims and dislikes making promises she can't keep. She knows her limits and dangerously pushes against them, whether it is at a party or in the fighting ring, though sometimes she forgets that not everyone is as driven or thrill-seeking as she is.

Appearance: Olive-skinned and frizzy-haired, Aria typically has her thick chestnut curls brought back into a high ponytail. She stands at an above average 5'9 with a pear-type body, thicker at the hips, and her muscles are distinctly lean on her limbs. She bears scars of varying ages on her body, the most prominent ones being one along her cheek, some along her right thigh and right forearm. She wears them proudly.

While she does not dislike skirts or dresses, Aria prefers loose shirts paired with pants that hug her curves, denim jackets, and sleeveless tops or anything easy to move in. While she does not bother too much with makeup unless the occasion requires it, Aria is quite conscious of her appearance and tries to pick fashionable ensembles every day. Her favorite accessories feature cute ram or sheep motifs. She wears fingerless gloves to protect her knuckles.

Aria moved into town about four years ago with her single dad and a younger brother. Housing was cheap and the bigger cities nearby had well-paying jobs, and while she did have the choice to go to school elsewhere, Aria chose instead to stay in town rather than face the commute. Everyone seemed to at least recognize each other here. It wasn't long before everyone recognized her, too, because of her sheer force of presence.

As soon as she was first able to, Aria had taken up various sports to help her drown out the voices by focusing on something else. In this town, she plays whatever seasonal sport is available at her school, and on her own time she joined a sparring club and does mixed martial arts training. 

Rather than look at college options, Aria has already decided to stay in town after graduation and explore the option of becoming a mechanic.

She never talks to her mother. She ignores her messages.

- She typically does not believe in coincidences, but catching a glimpse of the words the clock ticks on in that mousy kid's locker probably was a clue that fell right into her lap. Since then, Aria has been the only person who bothers to talk to Harold on a regular basis, even if it began in an entirely self-serving way.
- She likes watching crazy kung fu movies.
- She attends her school's improv club once a week.




Name: Cassius Bahn
Nickname: Cash
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Personality: Cassius is a slightly reserved guy who is trying to come out of his shell. His over-analytical mind causes paranoia frequently, but he's a dangerous man when protecting his friends, family, or the lives of innocents.
Appearance: Cassius has the lean, cut, and muscular look of a Mixed Martial Artist. He prefers to wear long sleeved shirts and joggers, in both the summer and winter. He's got bright blue eyes and a shy smile. His hair is golden, with a fade on the side and swept to the right. His nose is slightly off kilter thanks to years of taking hits in MMA.
History: Lived with his parents until recently; now lives alone. Works as a trainer at a Martial Arts studio in town. Began learning martial arts in fear of the voices; it became his livelihood.




Name: Cory Fischer

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual


When he was younger in high school Cory was best known for being the straight A student. He was twitchy, anxiety ridden, and always got things done promptly. Though after attending college in another town for biology, specifically ichthyology, he has learned to take life slower one step at a time. He seems to have developed the personality traits of the fish he cares for: slow, flexible, and laid back. However, this does not mean he would rather be alone out by himself in a quiet place. It's actually the complete opposite as he can't tolerate complete quiet and prefers something to be generating noise in the background such as water trickling or background conversations. There are still some kinks he hasn’t worked out and will always pat his pockets several times to make sure everything is there.


Cory can be fairly social and tries to be approachable but will rarely initiate a conversation with a stranger unless he knows they share interests. He tries his best but people consider him to be messy based on the fact that he cares more about his work/hobby than his own upkeep and appearance.


On another note about his personality, which has been warped by this “gift of sight” as it were, is a paralyzing fear to be caught outside after dusk since “they” grow bolder then. Things seemed to be better for him in bright areas that have a buzz to it.



Cory is of average height at 5’10 with a slightly lanky yet muscular build. He has brown eyes that are slightly foggy at times. The short light brown hair that covers his head and face is in tangles but is still roughly managed. His usually light colored skin has become more toned along his face, arms, and legs from working outdoors in the summer months. If the lighting is bright enough freckles can be seen along his face and arms along with scars from one or two falls.


During the summer months you will find him in shorts and a T-shirt. Currently, because of the winter temperature, Cory is wearing khaki cargo pants and a hoodie with the sleeves rolled back. Due to his work you will always find him in waterproof work boots and wearing slightly damp clothes. When his arms are visible there is a tattoo sleeve of a koi that reads “The clock ticks on, but mother earth pays it no mind” on his left arm.



Cory was raised in a relativing well off family. Though he doesn’t see them all that often they are on good terms with each other. His family was never much into having such an imaginative child and instead directed his time and energy towards school.


Currently Cory works in Oracle Garden caring for the ornamental fish that live in the pond or green house depending on the season. The house he lives in has an assortment of aquariums to create a sound and produce a calming effect when he is at home.





Reo Kobayashi

( 小林伶央 / こばやしいれお )

[ actual boyband dreamstar ]




Nickname: R → he gives this initial out when he initially meets someone


Age: 21


Gender: Male


Sexuality: everyone  


Personality: Reo is outgoing, cheerful, and entirely too much of a jokester for his own good. He tends not to take anything seriously, and will never be seen with a frown on his face. He only talks about subjects that interest him, and “darker” things such as death, politics, or anything in between he will avoid entirely, because that is not something that he cares to think too much on.


A lover of fun, Reo is addictive; he knows how to show someone a good time, how to flatter and charm them, but he is also flighty and prone to lose interest very quickly. As a result, he is very much an impermanent friend.


Appearance: Reo is 177 cm (5’9”). (see image)


History: Reo was born to an otherwise normal family; however, from a young age, home life never seemed to captivate him. Even during all of his school career, Reo dreamt of exploring the world and taking it easy, barely paying attention when his family and friends told him to plan for the future.


As soon as he graduated school, Reo decided that the mounting stress of university, jobs, and family was too much for him to handle, and he decided to skip going to university -- telling his mother he will return, someday -- and instead begin a career busking and travelling, making money through street performances and odd jobs.


Through the years, he has met and lost contact with a lot of people, buying drinks in unknown bars for handsome men and serenading pretty women on the street. His own policy is to never stay in one place for too long, unless he makes a true connection with someone who might be able to prove to him staying still is as valuable as his wanderlust.



The voices he hears/sees are not something that worries him, because Reo likes to live by the ‘one day left’ philosophy; he would not mind if he died tomorrow, as long as he had a fulfilling time today. As a result, hardly anything bothers him.

Reo is a talented musician who makes most of his profit this way.

He is also quite fond of art and photography, and currently he likes to draw the bridges he sees when he travels. He is also looking for his next muse in painting.

He will also stop interesting people on the street to ask if he can take pictures of them both for his website and for aesthetics.





Name: Nadia Ward
Nickname: Dia
Age: 25( )
Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual, but greatly prefers women
Personality: She treats everyone younger than herself who comes to her café as if they were her child. She has a big heart, but can be strict sometimes too; She's friendly, for the most part, at least. However, threaten her family and she'll likely try to punch you herself.
Appearance: Image. She has curly red hair that reaches a bit below her shoulders, and blue-green eyes. Her eyes are deep-set, and she does her best to always remain smiling, though some days the smile doesn't reach her eyes. She favors loose-fitting, warm-hued clothes- Especially woolen, pale brown sweaters, and jeans. She wears a chain with a ring hanging off of it around her neck, from her late husband. She stands at 5'2", with C-cup breasts.
History: She's a single mother who owns her own café, named Café des Rêves(Café of Dreams).

Other: Of French decent. Twin sister to Adian Ward.


Name: Adian Ward
Nickname: Dian
Age: 25( )
Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual
Personality: He's somewhat immature for his age, preferring to play around rather than do serious work. When it comes down to it, though, he's a very trustworthy guy who would do anything for his friends... But this can be his flaw, as well, as he's willing to do almost anything to help.
Appearance: Image. He looks young for his age, looking a bit brighter and more upbeat than Nadia does most days. His hair desperately needs a comb through it, red and fluffy, and he has bright blue-green eyes, more green than blue. His clothing style matches Nadia's; Loose-fitting, warm-hued. He prefers loose shirts as to woolen sweaters. He stands at 5'2", just like his sister.
History: He helps out at Café des Rêves.

Other: Of French decent. Twin brother to Nadia Ward


Name: Gloria Knight(Body)
Nickname: Mihr("God")
Age: 15( )
Gender: Nonbinary - They/them

Sexuality: Pan
Personality: While Gloria used to be brash, loud and a bit quick to jump to violence, Mihr is quiet and keeps to themself, preferring to read in the garden and keep away from other people, especially ones who can't see their yellow eyes. They aren't very fond of other people getting into their personal space, and tend to be formal with speech, preferring to call people "Ms./Mr./Mx." rather than their first names. They're very polite, and have gotten used to living here long enough they can figure out things about humans easier than some others.
Appearance: Image(the one being held). Their hair is completely white, not grey, off-white, blonde- White. It's very long, almost ridiculously, and hard to tame, so it ends up a fluffy mess. Their eyes used to be black, but with the recent infection, they've now turned a light yellow shade to those who are 'haunted', and seem to peer straight into your soul. Their skin is an almost sickly shade of white. They favor wearing long-sleeved shirts, skirts, leggings and boots, along with gloves, as they don't seem too keen on touching other people, and tend towards duller colors rather than bright. They're only about 5'0" tall, with A-cup breasts.
History: They were infected when they were only 12, so Mihr has gotten used to the body very well now. Before that, they got into many fights; Now, they keep to themself and study.
Other: Infected by "God". They won't last long, so it's best if you don't get too attached.


Name: Daphne Rosete
Nickname: Bud(as in a flower bud)
Age: 17( )
Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual/panromantic, but leans towards women
Personality: Daphne is a sweet girl, always friendly, though not necessarily actively seeking out new friends. She frequently has her head in the clouds- Well, in books, more like. She takes a special care in gardening, loving plants more than she loves other people, making sure she's doing her absolute best to care for them at all times.
Appearance: She has long, light pink hair(bleached and dyed), and bright, green, round eyes. Freckles are scattered across her cheeks and shoulders, the brown dots providing a slight contrast to her light yellow-beige skin, and almost forming constellations on her body. She has B-cup breasts, standing at 5'5", and seems to always have a fake flower crown on her head; She wears loose and flowing dresses, colorful but not neon, and a necklace with the key to the flower store on it(as that's also her house).
History: Born to the florist and his wife, Daphne has always lived a rather simple life, never really looking beyond the town and always assuming she'd take over the family store. She takes care of the plants like they're own her children, even when she was young; She trusts them more than she trusts her family, they joke sometimes. She briefly had an engagement to the clockmaker's son, but there was an... Accident, which she doesn't like to talk about- No one does.
Other: She gets tired out easily from heavy lifting.


Name: Sugar May
Nickname: Sweetie
Age: 20( )
Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual/Panromantic
Personality: An absolute sweetheart. Sugar is one of the kindest people you'll likely ever meet, always trying to make the world a better place for others; She believes she can at least make a difference in the town with her homemade sweets and baked goods. She's always trying to remain optimistic, saying that "if no one's happy, there's no one to lift other people's spirits!" and other similar happy things. However, she doesn't have a very high view of herself, not truly.
Appearance: 1343944410_softgirl.png.7933c37b0528da13374ca20ba25ac049.png
History: She was born to a baker and a candy store owner, who combined their shops for ease of their daughter. She always had a big sweet tooth; Being surrounded by all the sugar likely helped. However, they passed away from a car crash when she was 19, so she's been careful to keep the store alive with her homemade sweets and baked goods, using the money they left behind when things get too hard.

Other: Owns a bakery/sweets shop.


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[Population: 10,381] [Town Motto: "It's all right here!"]

The town this takes place in. A quiet place, which used to be much, much bigger; There's many abandoned buildings as a result, but still plenty of shops. It's a tourist attraction, as there are many 'haunted' buildings here, since they're abandoned and all.



[Population: 253,934] [Town Motto: "Colis Flourishes"]

The nearby city, an hour and a half drive away from Falkirk. A much larger place than Falkirk, and containing plenty of business, school, and shopping opportunities. However, a bigger place isn't always better.



 Café des Rêves

[Owner: Nadia Ward] [Workers: Adian Ward]

A small little café painted dark blue on the outside, with yellow 'stars' and linings for the windows and door, and a brown sign saying 'Café des Rêves' in black letters. The inside is decorated with the sky, a gradient fading from the bright morning sky to the midnight sky on the walls, and the lights are cloud-shaped and soft. The floor is made out of dark brown wood, and the tables and chairs are of a slightly lighter shade. There's only about five tables in the café, each with varying amounts of chairs, up to four at one; The tables can be pushed together for a bigger table which allows up to eight people- Ten if you steal chairs for the ends of each. The menu is hung behind a brown wooden counter with a dark blue top countertop, and there's a display for all sorts of pastries attached.

The kitchen leads further inside, and there's stairs to the living area above, but they're behind the counter as well.


Sweetheart Bakery

[Owner: Sugar May] [Workers: None]


The Flower Patch

[Owner: Jackson Rosete] [Workers: Daphne Rosete]



Pleasantview Elementary

[Principal: Hayden Gibson] [Vice Principal: Daniel Hurst]

Silverleaf High

[Principal: Curtis Woods] [Vice Principal: Rufus Landry]

Sunny Hills Elementary

[Principal: Jeanette Mooney] [Vice Principal: Amy Luna]

Trinity High

[Principal: Roberta Johnings] [Vice Principal: Alec Morse]

Angelwood Elementary

[Principal: Delores Walsh] [Vice Principal: Mack Conley]



Suwax Plaza

A park in the middle of town. There's many businesses near here. The natural beauty has not been preserved here; There's not many trees, but there are many stone pathways, a big playground, and benches. Occasionally, a food stand pops up here. Many people visit the plaza.


Oracle Garden

Named after the crystal-clear lake that many people have said to have seen things in, perhaps showing the future. The natural beauty has been well-preserved, many trees and plants growing here, although they've been carefully taken care of to make sure none were poisonous to any visitors.


Mercy Valley

The valley in the middle of town. Many types of wildlife find their home here. However, other things have been seen wandering here at nightfall. 






The Sick Hunter

A tall, slender black creature that appears humanoid in shape, but has no discernible features. When one gets close to them, they feel nauseous, an unbearable anger inside, and a hatred of [̶̶̛͝ ̀͏ ̶͘ ̵̷ ̸̸̶̷ ̷̛]̴̢͘. The identity of who the hatred is felt for is unknown, but it is there nonetheless. The creature appears to have a quiver on the back, and a knife in hand; No bow is to be found. The only sounds this creature makes is wheezing and coughing, sounding almost like a dying, sick beast.



This creature is made up of black goop, many arms sticking out as it slides along the ground, and possessing one head, typically animal, with many eyes and 'teeth'. The eyes shine blaringly white on this creature, but no other features are visible, as the goop absorbs all light, though the eyes seem to reflect it back. This creature makes a dripping sound from the goop dropping off, but is otherwise silent; The goop that falls to the ground vanishes after a couple of minutes. By being near this creature, a wave of dizziness washes over you.





A screaming lady. One of the only clearly visible creatures, as she is in full color, minus her hair being the same black substance as every other creature seems to be, absorbing light; Her skin is deathly pale, and she wears a red dress. She tends to get louder if looked at, but will go silent and vanish if you ignore her long enough. Terrible if you're trying to talk to someone, though.



A monster that infects others to give them yellow eyes. It takes over their bodies, slowly infecting them until the body is "God's", and leaving it empty and hollow once they find a new shell. These creatures tend to be quite friendly, other than the fact they destroy your friends and family.



A subset of "God" known to humans as the "Werewolf." Like the "God", they infect a human body- Unlike the "God", they don't completely take over the body, not until the end; First, it's only nights of full moons. Then it spreads to every night, over the course of a few years. It ends with the human being completely taken over by the "Werewolf."

These creatures cause the humans they infect to look very non-human, covered in what appears to be fur, feels like fur- Well, let's just call it fur for now. They grow more animalistic qualities, typically wolf-like, forcing the body to expand the bones; The process to do so is very painful, same with turning back, and leaves the host starving, so the ones controlling the body will seek out food- Typically other humans, as they provide best nutrition. These ones are not as friendly, and tend to be driven by hunger, or Gluttony.



Typically found with "Gods". "Angels" are similar to them, except they appear perfectly human, not even the eyes giving them away... But they cannot be seen by humans, only by the haunted. Their personalities vary as much as a human's, but they all seem to believe they're higher than humans, but lower than the "Gods". They seem to be the ones spreading the infection of "Gods", each one assigned to one of the parasitic creatures, and following them when they take over bodies.



Almost human, but not quite. They always have a giveaway, and it's very obvious- Frog or sheep eyes in a very abnormal color, a tail, an animalistic arm, etc. Some are friendly, but most are chaotic at the least, and evil at the most. However, they'd only straight-up attack someone if provoked. Planning so that something like a knife falls on them? Now, that's more up their alley.



Not a "God", but rather, a humanoid with the tail of an aquatic creature instead of legs. Typically, they're fish, dolphins, sharks, whales, jellyfish, octopi, etc; Rarely, they'll be other things. They eat human flesh.




The Hound

A black wolf to the human eye, or to the wandering haunted's. Stare at it in the eyes, and you'll realize it's head is that of a human skull, black ears attached to the fur just barely covering the start of it. There's no blood, no flesh to be seen; It turns to bone like fabric giving away to a plastic shell holding everything together. Small red dots can be seen in the eyes of this beast.



A fox-like creature that can turn into a beautiful/handsome human in order to seduce others. They eat the hearts and livers of those they kill.





A creature that plays soft music box noises when anyone grows near it, but is otherwise invisible to the eye unless light is shone directly on it. Supposedly responsible for the smeared letters found certain places, only visible to 'the haunted'. The music box noises grow more twisted and disorienting if someone with a hostile intention to others is brought near them; If they and the Sick Hunter are in the same room together, the noise will be almost unbearable from the Notemaker. When viewed, their appearance varies from person to person, typically taking the form of their worst fear.




Possessed Objects

Objects that have been possessed by "spirits". These objects gain eyes on them and can 'hop' around.




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It was a cold, late-winter day.

Even as the sun was nearly across the sky, it hadn't warmed the place up at all; It simply made the snow glisten blindingly white, hurting the eyes of those who dared to look directly at the ice crystals coating the ground. School had gotten out about twenty minutes ago, and many students were heading home, or to the mall, to hang out... Most people were still at work- Such was the case for those employed at the Café des Rêves, still working, now that the rush would hit- Highschoolers coming off of their classes tended to come to this spot.

 Monsters were roaming the town, not that most people could see them. They slowly dragged their bodies along darkened alleyways, avoiding the light and the reflections of light off the snow; Some were brave enough to walk along the humans, but most avoided them this particular day.

It was too bright to bother, except for the "Gods". And oh, some of them were certainly out and about.

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((When is my girl going to be up?))


Jack kept his eyes down to his feet as he stomped through the snow before stepping into the cafe that afternoon. His first tour starts this afternoon, for the lighthearted who can't handle scary stories in the dark. They both began and ended in the cafe during the winter, and in the nearby park during the summer.  Shaking the snow from his knee high boots on the carpeted entryway, he breathed and rubbed his hands together to feel his fingers again striding up to the counter.


The boots made him a even seven feet tall, so he towered over everyone with ease. Because of his height, he had to stoop low to hear people talking, this giving his shoulders a permanent hunch along with terrible back/neck aches.  "Morning." He said blinking at the menu although him being a regular he only had two drinks he usually had. One a cold one for summer and a venti cup of caffeine sludge called coffee during the winter. He slipped off his hand made Bennie. "Coffee please, venti. " He ordered. 

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[[Right now!]]


"I think your time's a bit off; It's nearly four PM."

Nadia Ward glanced up from a list she had placed on the counter, putting it away quickly with a polite, working smile. She nodded, turning to the back, where a freshly-brewed coffee pot sat, humming softly to herself, almost too soft to hear. She poured it into a cup, turning and placing it on the counter.

"That'll be $2.20. Would you like anything with it? Cream, sugar, a treat to go along with it?"

While she already knew the answer, it was simple politeness to ask. She still waited, just in case his order decided to deviate from his norm today.

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"Hmm. " He responded setting the exact amount on the counter before tucking away his wallet inside his inner coat pocket before flipping out  a watch and into his hand in one skilled smooth move as it popped open. "Afternoon then. Just the coffee. Thanks Nadia.  And thanks for letting my group to meet up here." He said snapping the watch shut and tucking it in a pocket. He grabbed his coffee and stalked to a corner were the first tour would gather. He expected around eight people to come at 4:13. He always started the group on the numbers thirteen, four, seven and six, those are considered unlucky numbers depending on superstition, language and culture differences.


  He sighed as he dwarfed the chair, being unable to sit back comfortably or stretch out his legs in the small shop without being in the way. He popped a couple Tylenol and sipped his coffee. Twisting his neck, he felt the bones pop back into place and he heaved a sigh. "Gonna be a long night. Ghosts are wondering around already..." He said out loud almost cryptically. 

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Cassius slipped to the side as one of his pupils threw a jab, catching the arm and throwing the young man over his shoulder and onto the ground.

A burst of air escaped the young man's mouth as he bounced off of the mat.

"Urgh.... Come one Cash, you don't have to go this hard every time.." he said, rolling over and slowly returning to his feet.

"Let me know when you get in a fight and the other guy only goes half speed, then we'll talk about going easier. Besides, you've been coming here for two years, and you haven't learned not to complain. That's enough for today, you're making progress on your strike speed, but you're sacrificing stance and stability, getting taken down basically every time. Go on home and watch some videos of featherweight or lower fights. That should help."

The young man groaned, bowed to Cassius, and left with a bag thrown over his shoulder.

"How many times do I have to tell him I don't subscribe to that traditional respect garbage. All I ask for is a handshake."

Cassius said, exasperated. He walked off to the back of the empty studio and stripped down to shower, enjoying the warmth despite the cold weather outside. He soon emerged and dried himself off, putting on a new pair of his trademarked long sleeves and joggers.

As he walked towards the entrance of the studio he looked around with a smile. He didn't own the place, but he essentially ran it. It was his favorite place, a mixed martial arts studio where he could teach people kickboxing, boxing, jiu jitsu, wrestling, and any other martial art one could think of. And every once in a while a girl might call him master. That was a plus, he thought, smirking to himself. He opened the glass door and felt the temperature change from a toasty 85 to a chilly 40. It took his breath away for a moment. His work day was over until the late session at 9 that night, so he would go get some coffee and a pastry at the Cafe de whatever. He chuckled to himself at his own joke, embarrassingly enough, and headed about a block down the road to the cafe.

As he opened the door he immedietaly noticed the tall kid who occasionally boxed at his studio. He waved and smiled slightly to show his recognition and proceeded to the counter.

"Hey, could I get a black coffee and something sweet on the side? Surprise me." He asked sweetly.


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Nadia nodded to Jack, seemingly taking no note of his cryptic words as Cassius entered the store, smiling at him as she stood at alert, ready to take his order. She nodded, quickly entering his order into the cash register- Just as her brother came out of the back. She quickly told him the order, and he set to work pouring a cup.

"How does a danish pastry sound? We have cherry, blueberries and cream cheese, and chocolate. Or we could do a slice of dark chocolate cheesecake."

She gestured to them as she spoke, the cherries in a heart-shaped danish, blueberries and cream cheese in stars, and chocolate in a simple circle. the dark chocolate cheesecake had 'clouds' in a vanilla drizzle on the top, going along with the theme of the cafe.

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The cheery smile on the young woman's face brightened his day a bit. She seemed to really enjoy her job.

A young man had emerged from the back and started pouring Cassius' cup of coffee.

Cassius stroked his chin faux-thoughtfully, suddenly deciding.

"I'll have the blueberry and cream cheese. Sounds delicious!" he exclaimed.

He pulled out his wallet and retrieved a ten dollar bill.



(I.. um.. don't know how to make this any longer without infringing on your character.)

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(It's alright! There's not really much to interact with just this second, and I wrote the response before bed- I wasn't trying to make it super long, hahaha.)


"Coming right up!"

She carefully took one of the Danishes out of the glass display case, placing it on a paper plate as Adian placed the cup of coffee on the counter. She entered the baked sweet into the cash register as well, $4.30 appearing on the register as she hit the button to open it.

"That'll be four dollars and thirty cents. Would you like your receipt to go with?"

She glanced at the door briefly as another person came in, this one with glowing golden eyes- But she didn't seem to take notice of how strange that was, or, at least, if she did, she didn't show it. They remained silent as they moved behind Cassius, their eyes cold as they surveyed the shop, even with the warm hue of golden.

There was movement outside as well- 'Monsters' moving from one shadow to the next, but the twins didn't seem to take notice of these movements.

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Cassius replaced his $10 note with a $5, and put it on the counter.

"Thank you, keep the change." He said with a bright smile. As he turned around with his coffee and pastry, he nearly spilled both all over himself as he almost bumped into a stranger.

"My bad!" he said, quickly redirecting to a seat by a window.

As he tucked into the pastry and took a sip of the very hot coffee, burning his tongue, He noticed a flash of movement outside the window. He turned to look but there was nothing, so he decided to turn his attention back to nursing his toasted tongue.

The pastry was delicious and flaky, clearly fresh baked and handmade. The ones you could buy at the supermarket were always some kind of greasy and chewy. This little coffee shop was pretty nice.


He figured enough time had passed for a glance at the person who's day he had almost ruined. As he looked, He realized immediately that he was locking eyes with the individual. He looked away, as if he had been simply observing the entirety of the shop. 


The person's eyes had been a beautiful shade of gold, which had distracted him from noticing any other distinguishing features. He looked back over at the young boxer at another table. Very tall, and a little odd looking. Fashion had never been Cassius' strong suit. Ever since he was a child he simply opted for what was comfortable, long sleeves and joggers. No fancy jackets, just a nice fluffy winter jacket for when it got chilly. This guy, however, clearly knew something Cassius didn't in that regard.


He returned to his lunch and breathed out with the pleasure of having coffee in his system.

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~Zhibek- I’ll have…~


Zhibek walked into the Café des Rêves, the little bells chiming as she opened the glass door. She had been wanting to go here ever since she moved, but she had never the chance to do so. It had a lovely smell of brewing coffee and baking sweets, the aroma that the bakeries in Almaty had. What an adorable little shop it was! People before her ordered their coffees, one was a young man with very scruffy-looking hair that looked as if it were make of deep charcoal. The bangs were extremely bright red, which seemed to frame his pale face well. What an interesting man, and not too bad looking either. His eyes seemed to match his bangs well, making them stand out even more. Zhibek was definitely interested in learning more about him. After all, everyone had a story.


Then she noticed the other man, around the same age, and the complete opposite of the deep-haired man. His golden hair was swept to the side, with what looked to be an undercut or a fade. Were they the same? She was not sure about slang in this country, though she studied English hard back home. He had a very strong build, which Zhibek noted. He must’ve been a fighter, the look of his nose made it clear he’d been hit in the face on more than one occasion. He was also fairly handsome, and Zhibek wondered if this was where the attractive people went. If it was, perhaps she could come here more.


Then the thought of her fiancé crossed her mind. Kassim, the best man she had ever met, with his beautiful, long raven hair and his gleaming chocolate eyes, his sharp jawline and string build. She remembered how he would hold her in his arms on the days school just became too much, how he would sing to her in perfect Russian, and how she would fall asleep in his arms and wake up in her bed. That was her man, gone too soon. It broke her heart to remember, but maybe she didn’t need to remember. Kassim would have wanted her to move on and be happy. It did make her happy to check out the attractive men, even if she refused to settle down with one. A girl who could appreciate beauty was always a good one, her mother would always say.


Zhibek walked to a chair at the counter, where the barista was fixing up a drink for the other man. She waited for the barista to approach her and ask for her order, a slight smile on her lips. She hoped her cup would not be stained red with lipstick, because damn it, this lipstick was expensive and she would hate for it to be easily ruined.



~Evonna- Laissez-moi lire.~


Evonna buried her nose in her book, refusing to let the chattering of people ruin her reading time. This was a library, but some just did not know how to shut their **** mouths. It always irritated her, but the smell of books was what drew her here anyway. There was never a smell like it at home. Evonna read about forty seven rōnin and how they murdered a rival daimyo. It was up to an Investigator to see why it happened, and why their stories had seemed off. She loved a good mystery, wrapped in history. Something about the author’s beautiful words always kept Evonna waiting for more. She had to get more of these books. The content of the pages was just too addicting.


Evonna looked up and glared at the group, hoping her death stare would shut them up. Unfortunately, it didn’t.



~Jehan- Jam session.~


Jehan cleaned the floors of the school, the only thing he could do to pay for college. The high school gym was empty today, there were no clubs at the moment that were occurring, so it was Jehan’s turn to clean. He brought the giant can with all of his cleaning essentials and walked to the door of the gym. There he took out his large broom and took out his speaker. Connecting his phone to the wireless device, he put on his favorite playlist and began to sweep.


The sick beat of his music soon began to take over as he swept, and the minutes became seconds. Nothing was better than listening to some good tunes while working. It made work just that much more bearable, even though he had an entire school to help clean and this was only a small part of it. Still, he swept and started to sing along at the top of his lungs. Would his throat be shot in the morning? Sure. But was it worth it? HELL yes. It was always worth it if he got to rock out and have a grand old time.


As he swept, Jehan’s movements became more fluid, and his feet started to move to the beat. Soon enough he was dancing with his broom, sweeping towards the door where he would clean everything and put it in the other garbage can he carted around. He didn’t know he finished sweeping, he just continued to dance… Not knowing he was being watched.

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The golden-eyed person waited for their order to be served, taking it and sitting at a lone table in the corner by the window, and gazing outside. They had umber-brown skin with a golden undertone, dark brown hair, nearly a black shade, framing their face. Their hair was short, messy, and the golden eyes held a sharp contrast to the rest of them, as they were dressed in darker, baggier clothing. Their cheekbones were sharp, though their jawline had a smoothness to it.

Nadia swiftly turned her attention to the woman, a polite smile immediately showing on her face, as per the norm.

"Hello! A new customer? What would you like today?"

The brother behind her moved out from behind the counter, moving to clean a few tables that already looked clean.


Sugar was among these people in the library, and caught Evonna's gaze, immediately flushing in embarrassment as she told the others to keep it down, realizing how loud they were being. For the most part, these people ignored her, though a few did lower their voices a little. She frowned, troubled, and excused herself from the group, approaching Evonna and standing off to the side, waiting to see if she could get her attention- Without having to bother her directly, waiting until she had a moment. She wore a look of apology on her face, even though the group's loudness was clearly not caused by her in any way; Even previously, she had been a bit quieter than the rest, minus occasional exclamations or giggles.


Mihr watched from a distance away, eyeing him with interest, 'hiding' a bit as they watched. They had just been passing through to grab something they forgot- But there was someone left here, dancing and cleaning? Well, that was curious. The smaller figure kept to the side as they watched, though they weren't afraid of being caught- He seemed to be in his own world, especially considering how loudly he was singing. Perhaps they should approach?

They decided against it after a few seconds, simply staying hidden and staring. Though, in their white clothes, with their white hair, pale skin, and golden eyes, they weren't exactly hard to spot...

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Jack nodded over the brim of his cup acknowledging his instructor at the gym. Cassius was the only one who could floor him without resorting to any mixed martial arts. Jack gets upset when he spars with others at the gym. He does boxing. Just boxing, no kickboxing, no MMA just good old fashioned boxing like Muhammad Ali did oh his hay day.  He might look lean and skeletal but he hid his muscles well. He then let his eyes wonder until the door chimed again drawing his attention to the gilded eyed figure that entered. His eyes narrowed, studying the person before a thought made him set his cup down and pull out a day planner from his pocket. Man he's such a scatterbrain at times he couldn't remember the day. He flipped through the book reaching February's section and carefully flipped the pages eyeing the dates lined on the top. The last X was on the seventh, meaning today was the eighth. "Cursed Hades almighty...." he swore under his breath. His first tour didn't start till the tenth and he had janitorial duties at the museum... then he covered the literal grave yard shift for a fellow grounds keep later that night. 


He heaved a sigh, snapped the book closed and pocketed it once more when the bell tinkled once more. Once again he glanced to see the newcomer in this shop that was surprisingly busy today.  He blinked. Then again, harder. His lips parted slightly as the breath escaped his lungs. That woman was drop dead gorgeous! Tiny, cute, but a spirit in her melty puppy brown eyes that made Jack want to know more about her.  Realizing his eyes lingered a few seconds too long he looked away a blush darkening his pale skin. Fortunately it was were the cold had bitten him on the walk to the shop so it could easily be hidden. 


When it comes to girls..... well most aren't interested in Jack. He looks odd, acts stranger and once he got dumped because he was 'too tall to have a normal conversation with and felt like he was braking his back when he leaned down to kiss her.' So when his mind said to play it cool, he sat up and leaned back with his coffee only to realize his mistake of leaning  too far back and partially tipped the chair so he was wedged in a precarious position, chin to chest, pinned against the wall trying not to fall over and embarrass himself further. At least he saved his coffee. 

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Cassius glanced up as a young woman walked in, rather attractive and doe-eyed. From across the room even he could see Jack zone out staring at her. As stood up from his chair and tossed the cardboard cup in the trash, he stepped past the golden-eyed individual. He wiped his face and stepped towards Jack, subtly tipping the struggling teen back into balance as he went. He proceeded to sit down across from him at the small table.


"Waiting on someone, or just ogling the pretty girls?" Cassius said with a chuckle. Not waiting for an answer, he continued, albeit in a quieter tone;


"Shes pretty cute. I saw your smitten gaze, shoot your shot buddy."


"You coming to the late class tonight? Should be fun, maybe we could work on your ground game. Or do you still think you can solve everything with striking?" He teased.


When fighting, Jack's technique very much embodied "Fight like a butterfly, sting like a bee". However, in his interactions with others, he more reflected a "stumble like a newborn deer" philosophy, especially with females.


"But seriously, whats up? I don't get the chance to talk with pupils outside of class much. Lets chat." He smiled mischievously.



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~Zhibek- All eyes on us~


Zhibek felt someone staring her down. She glanced and saw it was the shaggy haired boy she noticed earlier. He really wasn’t too bad looking, in her opinion, same with the man he was talking to. She waved and gave him a small smile. Then she turned to the barista. “Hi! May I have a venti americana, iced? That would be delightful, thank you.” She always made sure to keep it proper when it came to speaking English. Something about it rolled off her tongue in a way that she loved. English, by far, was her favorite language.


~Evonna- Ugh.~


Evonna looked at the girl who seemed to kind of stare at her. She sighed. “They won’t shut the **** up. There’s no need to feel sorry, it’s fine. I’ll just chuck a book if I have to.


~Jehan- Dance, dance, dance....~


Jehan simply continued dancing. He was unaware of anything in the world that was going on, it was just him and the music.

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Nadia nodded, right away getting to work on making it, humming as she worked. She turned back to the counter, cup in hand, and placed it down, then turning to type it into the register. She smiled, the numbers popping up on the register- $3.20.

"Anything else, or is that all? And I'm sorry if my customers shocked you."




"P-Please don't, you might hurt someone..."

She seemed very nervous about someone getting hurt, clearly disliking the thought. Sugar frowned, glancing over at the group, before sighing as well.

"...I... I'll try to get them to leave, peacefully. I have a way with words..."

Even though she was getting ignored before.




Mihr hummed, finding that quite interesting... But they moved to walk past him, only glancing at him briefly as they moved past him. They didn't say anything, but they needed to pass him to leave, so...

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(On a borrowed computer since my motherboard is dead. Yay i can finally post!) 


I was another long day of work for Cory as he wiped some water off his mostly soaked clothes. They had received new batch of Kohaku koi since they were the cheapest to buy and most locals couldn't tell the difference between a high end koi and a goldfish. Though it didn't matter to him he was always a fan of the simpler patterns. Most of the new batch seemed to be in good health but he knew better than to be more than hopeful for cheap farm raised fish. It would be a solid month before he knew for sure and his days even in winter never seemed to end. He enjoyed his work more than anything he had ever done but luckily it was a good time for a break. He gathered up his notebooks and data sheets to look over while he put physical work on pause. 


The rush of cold air made his face tense up after hours in the warmer greenhouse that housed the park's fish over the snowy winter months. It was a good thing he wore water proof boots as he trudged along what used to be a green field of grass now covered in white snow. He was almost blinded by the glare but it was also calming to know he was mostly safe during this time. Only a few shadows dared to brave the intensity today and they were always the least likely to strike out. Over the years he had tried to catalog a good number of the creatures doing his best to understand the biology behind them. The back of his notebooks on fish held a few loose pages containing short descriptions and tidbits of information on a handful of "Them" 


As the bell chimed he noticed the round of local faces he had seen around town and nodded politely. Though the golden eyes caught his gaze and he stared for a split second longer than was respectful of a person. These were not the worst of them but he never liked people to be around the golden eyed ones. Pulling himself away he moved forward to the counter behind a young lady that was already ordering. He shuffled the papers in his arms to reach for his wallet so he could be ready when his turn came. Although he didn't notice the loose piece of paper slip out and fall to the floor label "Merfolk" in blue colored ink. Cory's penmanship was rather poor but it was more or less readable. 

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