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Dragons World mobile app game

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Stumbled across this little app game. It's been fun, I like raising the dragons. It doesn't seem to require constant attention, and while there are a lot of micro-transaction benefits I've thus far been able to play for free without being hindered much. I have no friends in my other circles that really play app games, and so I wondered if anyone here might. While it's not exactly similar to DC, the primary objective is to collect and breed dragons, so it seems like there would be overlap in interest.

If you haven't played it and are curious here's what I have experienced thus far, despite my low level:

You start with very little, as most games. The tutorial runs you through obtaining your first couple dragons and setting up their habitats on your private floating island while teaching you the basics. The game has 3 main currencies, gold, food, and gems. Gems are the micro-transaction currency, but every 3 hours you can watch a little ad for other app games and in doing so get you a free gem. Many of the quests and achievements offer anywhere from one to a handful of gems for completion, so even without dropping real money I've been able to do okay. Gold is earned over time by just having your dragons in their habitats, and every so often visiting those habitats. Food is grown on small farm plots which you also purchase and manage, and once gathered is used to level the dragons and grow them.

Dragon breeding is interesting, because its a bit of a gamble. The single element dragons are all purchasable from the shop, while the more advanced breeds are obtained through breeding. Selecting out 2 dragons you send them to the breeding cave, while in the breeding cave they do not collect gold, it can take as little as 2 minutes for them to produce an egg, the longer it takes the better the egg generally. Once an egg is obtained it is moved to the hatchery, where it has to incubate for a period of time, then can be hatched. Once hatched you can either sell the baby dragon right away, or move it to a habitat that matches one of its elements. The outcome of the breeding is somewhat random, and dependent upon the elements of the parents. A pairing of any 2 dragons that have between them the three elements: Fire, Earth, and Nature can bring about any one of about a dozen different eggs. Some eggs are quite common, others rare from the same pairing. I've bred the same pair over again and again and gotten 5 different egg types so far from them. Once you have raised the dragons, you can take a team of 3 to an arena and battle them against other players' dragon teams. Winning earns you elements that go towards armor and advanced upgrades for larger habitats that can hold more dragons. Losing doesn't seem to cost anything except a battle token, and any fallen dragons are back home safe and sound after the fight.

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