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I'm Ross!! I enjoy animal-collecting games, like this one, and can be found on a numerous other sites by the same name (RossTheDandy.)


I also like music, photography, videography/cinematography, writing, vulture culture, cleancore, lovecore, medicalcore and stim videos.


My favorite bands at the moment are The Front Bottoms, Bastille, All Time Low, and Foster The People. I'm also getting into Yungblud, SWMRS, and The Wrecks.


I am currently taking broadcasting classes at my school, and plan on continuing  it, as well as starting photography.


I write about various things, and have three books I'm working on currently. (PLEASE PM ME ABOUT THEM! I LOVE TALKING ABOUT MY BOOKS!)


Vulture Culture is this subculture of people who collect animal bones and like to do taxidermy. I shy away from the taxidermy side, as guts aren't my forte, but I LOVE animal  bones and animal anatomy.


Cleancore, lovecore, and medicalcore are essentially aesthetic subcultures. The names are self explanatory, but you can look them up if you're still curious!


Stim videos are like ASMR videos, but without all the whispering and weird tapping. They're more like people playing with slime and shaving soap.


Anyway, that's me! Peace!

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Hello and welcome! I'll send you a PM, I'm a rabid bibliophile and would love to know what you're working on!


I love Bastille! The first hit from them I heard was Pompeii.

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