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One Dragon Has Teleport Option?

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So I was going through naming all my dragons because they deserve names. And I noticed my girl Birolen has the option to teleport when I click on actions. I checked my other dragons and they don’t have this option, what does this mean?

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WHO is Birolen? Is it possibly a Magi, like this? https://dragcave.net/view/7GseX Magis have an ability to teleport eggs and unnamed hatchlings to someone else's scroll, as a form of gifting and trading. Certainly, you control the destination of the teleported ones.


https://dragcave.net/teleport also here you can see your pending teleports and dragons who are availlable to do so.

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Teleport is the BSA (breed-specific action) for Magi dragons. From the Help page:




Can be performed on: Eggs and unfrozen hatchlings
Usage Limitations: Once per two days per dragon

Teleporting allows you to send eggs and hatchlings to other users. You can create one-way transfers and two-way trades.


It's used for trading and gifting. 


More information about BSAs can be seen on the Dragon Cave wiki.

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