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Andre Miles

DUPLICATE:Official DC Trade Center (or Marketplace)

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RPG proposal:




Galsreim has now a bunch of different travelers - humans who aren't afraid of dragons! In fact, they take care of them, abandoned eggs and hatchlings are their treasure. As a simple farmer, I used to trade vegetables that I grow in my garden in around Galsreim, but out of sudden I saw two of these "different" travelers trading dragon eggs. This shocked me, so I went to them and asked one of them if I could have a dragon egg, and he simply gave one to me. Now I'm a proudly owner of a Mint Dragon, who helps me a lot in my farm.

After that, I saw the huge opportunity to help these travelers in their trades by opening a place where they can safely trade their eggs and hatchlings, placing offers in my old warehouse. Minty loved this so much! Her eyes shine when she looks at the young hatchlings being traded and loved.


So, as you guys can probably tell, I want to proposal an official "place" in Dragon Cave website, where users can post their offers and what they want in exchange for their eggs and hatchlings. Or they can simply gave it away too for the first one who grabs it.
Pretty much like the old Marketplace in the fansite "Eggs Around The World" (R.I.P.)

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