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New to the forums

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Hi, Ive been playing DC for a few months now but just discovered the forums. In general Ive gotten the hang of the game, just a little confused about the forums, so here's some questions.


1) Why can't I access other boards/see certain posts?

2) What's the significance of how many posts you make?


Also a third question, relating to the game not the forums. Ive been wondering why all the spotted greenwings Ive picked up are male. Are female greenwings even possible?


Thanks in advance ^^


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Hello and welcome!


1. You can't because your account hadn't been approved. Now that I've approved your account you should have full forum access.

2. How many posts you make determines your level. I forget the tiers, we used to have them on the old forum before the upgrade. It's mainly used for when moderator applications open, since being at level 4 (200 posts) is a requirement. At level 10, you can create a custom title that displays underneath your avatar.

3. That's bad luck, unfortunately. They come in male and female. The first four Winter dragons I picked up were all female. This was years ago, before Pink dragons existed, let alone had the Influence BSA (breed-specific action) that allowed me to influence which gender the egg would hatch. Influence influences the egg to be the gender of the dragon using it, though there's a chance it will fail.


Enjoy the forums!

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Welcome, Anonymous_Dragon, to DragonCave and the DragonCave forums. I hope you have a really great time here.

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