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Hey there.

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I'm a super old user who hasn't seen this site in ages, and finally came back. I fee like a newb, though. I've forgotten everything.


I guess these are my babies, if you could help them hatch it would be great, thanks! -scrollspam removed-

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Hello & welcome to DC forums. :) If you'd like to post your scroll for all to see, you can put it in your signature. Click your name in the top left of your screen, click "Account Settings", and click "Signature", and you can post your scroll link there. 


If you need any help, may I suggest a DC mentor to help you out?

You can request one here: 


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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


I use fansite to hatch my eggs. sm.gif is where I use. You can use some of other fansites.

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