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ANSWERED:(answered) how to find holiday biomes?

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couldn't find this answered in the faq or wiki, apologies if it's been answered somewhere we didn't see.


so for future reference, since we've probably missed it this year... how and where do you find the valentine's biome? we were looking all over the place on the 14th and 15th, and couldn't find our way to it. we're very new to dragcave and the site is pretty overwhelming for us, so we assume we missed something somewhere?


can anyone let us know where to go for next time?


thankyou very much to anyone who reads or helps out. ❤

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question answered! yay!

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Hello, the Holiday biomes are only available during the respective holidays and sometimes, a few surrounding days. Maybe you can still be lucky and ask for an egg or hatchling in a trade thread, since some dragons aren't grown up yet.

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thankyou very much for the advice and support.


we're not so much looking to find valentine's dragons right now though, we're asking how does somebody go to the holiday biome when it is a holiday. we couldn't find it on valentine's day itself, we want to know where to look next year for a link to the biome.


honestly we'd rather not use the forums or trade system at all because people terrify us. we just want to hide in our quiet little corner and get our own dragons, and we'll wait a whole year to do that happily. it's just that we couldn't find the biome on the day it was supposed to be available, and it's taken us a week to be able to gather up the energy to post here asking where it is (which is why we're posting on the 19th and not on the 14th). we just want to know where to look so we have a chance to get CB dragons of our own on valentine's day next year.

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It was right next to the other biomes, named "Valentine" if I recall correctly.

It is visible on the six days before and on the holiday itself, so in total 7 days, just as long as the holiday breeding period is.

That would be 8th to 14th of February, 25th to 31st of October, and 19th to 25th of December.


The newest holiday dragon though isn't found in the holiday biome, it's in the regular biomes and then the only available egg there while it drops (1 day for Halloween, 3 days for Christmas and Valentine's).

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thankyou so much Ruby Eyes. that's hugely helpful and exactly what we wanted to know!


we're not sure why we didn't see it there in the list (that was the first place we looked), but perhaps it was a timezone difference meaning the event was already over or something. or maybe we were just too overhwelmed and befuddled to be able to see straight, that happens to us sometimes. either way, thankyou for the help! we'll know where and when to look next year. :D

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