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How can I earn holiday eggs?

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I'm a newbie and I don't know how to earn an holiday egg. I saw more and more Holiday eggs and holiday dragons on hatching club or something else.

Someone can help me, or someone can explain how to earn these eggs?


Thank you very much!

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Sad news first the only change for you now is to trade it or rely on gifts from nice people.


Sadly you missed them in the abadon page and for a week there existed another biome called Holiday. That specail biome was there when the breeding season for the Holiday breeds started (19th December).

Starting from the 25th to the end of 27th December all the regular biomes only contained one special breed the newest Holiday breed from the actual year. Since the Holiday event is always starting at the same day in December since Holiday which is based on Christmas has a set date.

So for being able to get you simple had to grab them from the abadon page https://dragcave.net/abandoned <--- sadly all Holiday eggs are gone. There where there in the biomes.


To get the idea how Holiday is handled here, pretty pleae read the very first post:


Next year you will be able to get Holiday eggs for sure. Pay attention to the news subforum.


Now you can only try to find people willing to trade Holiday hatchling or even gift them to you.

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Also, be sure to be here starting about a week before Valentine's Day for the annual Valentine's event and special release, and consider signing up for a mentor through the Mentoring Project:


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