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Hello there!

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I'm Hanzo, a young adult that draws and writes for a living.

I enjoy astronomy, mocha coffee, various types of tea, etc.

I have many hobbies, ranging from cosplay to car shows, and I own a 1969 mustang.

At the moment I do not go to cons much, as my scoliosis makes it difficult to stand for hours at a time ;u; I'm hoping to change that though.


Random stuff about me

I enjoy character and worldbuilding
I wish to be a pioneer for space travel
Digital drawing is more fun for me bc of all the options available
Maes Hughes is the name of my chinchilla
I am a very spiritual person, but not exactly religious in a sense

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Hello and welcome! I love tea, we could talk for hours! Green tea is my favorite, though I love a nice herbal or floral tea to end my day. 

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I absolutely love green tea! Japanese premium is my favourite type.


And yes that is a possibility! I like to share my original works sometimes... but only if they're completed LOL


thank you for the warm welcome! ;u; <3

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