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Hiya Friends :D

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Hello! :D

If you reading this then I have probably decided to join DragonCave forums. ^_^ My username is miamaet, but I usually use the alias Sphinx. I started playing about a month ago, and been addicted ever since. I am currently not attending school because of my health, so I have a lot of free time on my hands. I love animals, games, especially fantasy games with all types of magic creatures (Dragons !! yay) drawing-reading-writing, the usual, like every other self-proclaimed unique snowflake. :P

So if you're ready for some friendly dragon madness with a sparkly ice fairy who has long since lost touch with reality, then welcome to Sparkleland and let's roll!

I stepped through the looking glass to platform 9 3/4, rode an unicorn to Erebor, but tripped and fell down a rabbit hole and landed in a big pile of glitter :) 

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Hello and welcome! Thank you for emerging from your glitter pile to join us. Have fun on the forums!

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