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Heya ^^'

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(Do I really have to write something about myself ? this is so awkward)

Okay. So, uuuhhhh... *quickly checks what other people have written*

I'm new to Dragon Cave. I registered yesterday. (I really struggled with registering on the forum though. I might need to check if my antivirus isn't blocking my mails again.)

ANYWAY. (talking too much is my biggest problem)

Please be understanding as I'm new and might be lost at first and everything (guess you'll see me a lot asking for help)

English is not the language of my country so I might struggle with saying what I want to say sometimes. Don't judge me. (I'm from France just so you know. Voilà.)

*reads what she's just written*

auugghhhh I spoke too much again :(

plus I've only said useless stuff :(

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Hello and welcome! I didn't find your introduction useless, I enjoyed reading about you. :) Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

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