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hi! guess who just got back on drago.hel after four years and made a forums account!! my online alias has changed around a LOT from bazingpurr... but for consistancy sake, i think ill keep myself as such here? (if you see page617 anywhere else, hello; thats me!) 


HMM!! i guess a good thing to add is that i enjoy art and rp! a friend and i  are actually going to gijinka a couple dragons and ship them soon enough-- i decided on who i'll gijinka, thalassa, and couldnt help but ~removed~ its draggo form haha!!


if anyone has any helpful tips or whatnot, or just wanna talk or... maybe rp!!!! id be super glad to do so!

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Hello and welcome! Before you gijinka Dragon Cave dragons, make sure you get the permission of the artist to use their work. It's a courtesy the artists would appreciate. You can check out The Official Art Usage Form for more information; the artist name for each dragon is at the bottom of the dragon's page in the copyright section of the footer. If you enjoy RPing, you might find something you like in our Role-Playing subforum. Have fun!

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