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I'm new here...

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Hi everyone, I'm Dilynrae and I'm new here. My friends call me Dily. I'm not sure how this works so any help would be appreciated.


I don't see anywhere to add a signature to my profile so here is my scroll: ~Scrollspam removed~


Hope to get the hang of this quickly.



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Hello and welcome! We're not allowed to post links to our scrolls, it goes against the board rules, but you can put a link to your scroll in your signature if you would like us to view your dragons. You can add it now that I've approved your account, you were blocked before because you were not approved.


I'll also put in a request for you in The Mentoring Project. This project is designed to help new members learn how to play the game and provide 1-on-1 tutoring for how to use the forum as well. 


Have fun! Once you get the hang of everything it becomes second-nature!

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