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I'm not new, per se. I've been on Dragcave for almost 2 years, from Jan. 2016, but this is the first time I've gotten a forum account. Thought it would be useful, heh?


So. Call me Arctic. I'm just a person, I guess. 


My favorite dragons on dragcave are always changing. for now, they're the Zyumorphs, Xenowyrms, and the Desipis.

I like all different types of music, but especially ones with a beat.

Books are nice.

I draw, and I have a D/A under the name SinnexCryllic. I also write (awful) stories, in Wattpad, also SinnexCryllic.

I'm trilingual, not that that'll make any difference here.

I love to roleplay. Been doing it for years, but lately, I've been at a bit of a roleplay-regression. Atrophy? 




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Hello and welcome! What are your favorite genres to read? What languages do you speak? 


We have a Role-playing subforum where you might find some RPs that suit your interests. 


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Thanks Purple and Sh20000sh

I like reading sci fi, action, and generally all fiction, but I so like some nonfiction books. Graphic Novels are awesome, too.

I speak Mandarin, English, and Spanish (not too well)


Thanks for the suggestions!

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