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Hi there. I've had an account since 2014, but, I forgot about it and came back a week ago. So, technically i'm new and enjoying it so far. c: Nothing much else to say about me.

I hope it's okay to ask a question while i'm here, if not, please point me to the right place...I can't see the other forums yet. XD My dragons page says I have 5 adult dragons, but, the raffle wont let me enter because it says I only have one adult of three? I've raised them all this week. Any advice on that would be greatly appreciated. Not sure if a bug or if i'm missing something. Thank you. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 11.36.45 pm.png

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Hello and welcome back! I've reported this to TJ, some members are still experiencing this too. My advice is to switch browsers (if you have more than one browser installed) and try to do it from there, or clear your cache on your current browser (possibly cookie too if that doesn't work) to see if that helps. I hope you can enter.

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Thank you. 

Thank you for the advice. I just cleared everything in my current browser and also tried 2 others, with no success, unfortunately. I'll just have to sit out on this one and hope the issue gets fixed in the future. :) Thanks again!

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