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Phovos the Raptor

Clicking on Forums via the Dragon Cave home page opens a new tab which immediately closes

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Hello everyone,


I've been having a small problem lately. Whenever I click on Forums from the home page, it creates a new tab which immediately closes. This also happens throughout the forums (took me 4 attempts to get here as clicking on the Help subforum kept on closing itself) where clicking a link in a new tab will automatically close the new tab, and it happens rather regularly when I open dragons on my scroll in a new tab (e.g. so I can rename my new hatchlings). This means I have to click on each dragon, do what I want to do then go back to my scroll and go to the next dragon.


I'm using the latest version of Firefox on Windows 10. I'm also using Ghostery and uBlock Origin but both are turned off for Dragon Cave.


Thank you.

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Still sounds like some sort of misfiring ad blocker or popup blocker to me. Are your addons also turned off for the dragcave forums?


Another thing (the usual trouble-shooting) to try would be clearing cache and deleting all dragcave-related cookies (you'll need to log in again afterwards) and then refreshing or even restarting your browser.

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Hi Ruby, I've done all that, it still happens unfortunately.


I can use Dragon Cave in Edge, which I'd rather not do, but worst case scenario I'll just do that to do mass changes to my dragons.

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One way to check if it's an addon would be to start Firefox is safemode (Help => Restart Firefox with Add-Ons Disabled). If it still happens in safemode, it's not an addon. Otherwise, enable one by one to check which one is the culprit.



If it's not an addon, maybe check your internet security software (antivirus etc).

Is it up-to-date? Could it have missed anything? => Scan with something else, e.g. AdAware.

Does it have a log you can check for dragcave entries?


That's about all the ideas I have for now ...

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