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New here! ^^

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Hello everynyan! 

I'm a girl from Russia. So i'm giving you big privet! c:

I had joined about a year ago, but currently playing DC for a few days. I'm really confused about such sings as breeding alternate sprite and color dragons (or breeding in general), but i think i'll get it soon! 


My first dragon is a Mint Dragon. I was dissapointed when i first saw her (as a hatchling), but now i love my baby so much! 



I adore every single dragon in my cave. But i also have ones that are my favourite, mostly 'cause i find them noble or think they could be good friends of mine!

They are: 

Tri-Horn Wyvern Rheraven, the third dragon i picked; Script Dragon Acemas, Nilia Pygmy Gwasdagord and Antarean Dragon Uphar. I have an unnamed Guardian Dragon hatchling so far, and i guess i will like them too!


Also, i have a tradition. I'm trying my best not to find or look at the hatchling or adult sprite of my dragon before they will reach these stages themselves. It's causing me to scroll up through fan sites with my eyes narrowed. 

I think that's all. Hope you're having a good day ;3

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Hello & welcome to DC forums! You may want to avoid a lot of the forums in order to avoid seeing sprites. There may be a way to turn off images, however. I'll look into it. 


I've included a list on how to get alts. All of this can be found on the Dragon Cave Wiki. I've included a spoiler in case you DON'T want this information and want to figure it all out by yourself.



Alt Dark Green/Vine dragons, Alt Black dragons, and Undine dragons: very rare. You cannot see the color of the dragon until the egg hatches. Only from breeding.

Nebula dragons (green/red or blue/purple): Can pick them up from the cave or breed them. You don't find out the color until it grows wings. It's random.

Gemshards: won't reveal their color until they hatch. Random chance for red/green/blue.

Baikala: Green/brown found in forest. Blue found in coast or jungle. I think breeding is random.

Dark/Regular Lumina: (I think random?)

Fire Gem: Based on time of day (blue/green/red) can tell which variant based on the egg. Bred or caught.

Ridgewing (Tan/Purple): Random. Can tell by the color of the egg.

Lunar Herald: Based on what phase DC's moons are in. You can find this info on the forums or the DC wiki.

Seasonal: Based on the current season. Current season I think is FALL.

Stripe: Breed a CB or colored stripe with a dragon of the color stripe you want. (Blue, Red, Green, Black, White). Breeding two stripes together results in a random color. CBs are all white.

Day Glory/Night Glory & Sunrise/Sunset: Based on time of day in Eastern Standard Time.

Two Headed Lindwurm: Green: forest Blue: Alpine

Zyumorph/Xenowyrm/Pyralspite/Copper: Different biome, different color.

Spinel: Breed with an Earth element dragon (info found on breed page in Encyclopedia).



Enjoy the forums!

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