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Introduction and some questions

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I'm starting to play Dragon Cave more active as before, since I finally have more time to focus on myself.

I had an account on this forum already, but sadly I've forgot my name and password here, so I had to create a new one.


But I already met with a problem. Whenever I want to edit my page, a message pops up saying "You are not allowed to edit this". Can this be fixed? If yes, then how?


Also my second question is towards the event dragons breeding.

I have in total four dragons from 2016 Valentine's day event and I saw that one breed (I don't remember now what kind of it is it) can bread with an ordinary dragon.

Does this count with other three of them?

If it's possible, can You please write these breeds down below?


Thank You for your attention and answers!

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Hello and welcome (back) to DC forums! I'll be sending you a PM shortly to see if we can get you back into that old account of yours. :) 


To answer your questions, after I approve your intro, you should be able to edit your profile. 

All Valentine's dragons (so far) can breed with every kind of ordinary dragon. They CANNOT breed with unbreedables (dinos, chicken, paper dragons, cheese dragons), Drakes (Day Glory, Morphodrakes, Howler drakes; just see the breed page to see if it's a drake), or Pygmies (Misfit, Sea Wyrm, etc.). 



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To Sinion Kabe: Ah yes, Dragon Cave wiki is great! I read some articles at it! Thank You ^^!


(Also my apologies, I don't know how to use the responding proper tool yet, haha.)

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