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ANSWERED:Email problem

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Okay so recently I've been unable to get into my mail because outlook is being ridiculous, so I decided to change my email on dragoncave to one I can actually access. Problem is, I assumed the validation mail would be sent to my new mail address, but I'm not getting one? So now I can't get into my DC account because it wants me to validate my email, presumably from my old one, which I can't because I can't access it. :/


Can anything be done about this?

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Validation e-mails are sent to the new address, not the old one. For your account in particular, I'm seeing two e-mails sent to the new address. In both cases, your mail provider responded with "Message accepted for delivery," which means that from the site's perspective, nothing went wrong.


I have seen reports of DC e-mails being sent to Junk, particularly on Gmail. I'd recommend to check for it there (and if it is there, make sure to mark it as not junk).

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