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Hey I'm ProMarimo~ I'm a new user here, and hope I can make some friends and get some amazing dragons! I'm Canadian, aspiring to be a video game designer, so I love video games, anime, and manga. I've always loved fantasy/mythical things such as dragons so finding this site has got me so excited to play. Can't wait for my first egg to hatch~

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Hello and welcome! Where are you looking to work as a video game designer if you get the job? 


Have fun hatching dragons! I love fantasy creatures too, so this game is perfect for me as well.


Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

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Bioware has made some amazing games, and I'm honestly surprised they didn't try to make Mass Effect: Andromeda work. Hopefully they take the user feedback and apply it to future games. 


I respect what Ubisoft has done, but I just can't get into their games. I'm not a big FPS fan, so none of the Tom Clancy games appealed (though I was tempted with the original Splinter Cell) and I don't like Assassin's Creed (again, not my style, though I know there are some quality games in the series. I disregard the movie). 

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