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Hello there!

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Hi! I'm new here (obviously) and since it seems like almost everything is restricted (honestly? Seems like a good way to avoid spammers, scammers, and other unpleasant people) until I introduce myself, here I am!


The name's Felicia, but midnight or Rot works too! I found Dragon Cave through Flight rising, and so far I'm enjoying it! I'm 18 years old, but I turn 19 in December... sigh. I live at home with my two baby brothers, my parents and my four cats. I am definitely planning on becoming a crazy cat lady.  I live in Sweden, which means english isn't my first language, so if you spot any grammatical errors I'd be super happy if you could point them out to me, and maybe explain how to actually do the thing. I recently graduated high school, and I don't plan on continuing studying anytime soon. Right now I have two jobs which have cut my online time kinda short. I'm currently saving to get my own apartment. If/When I do continue studying I'll probably study psychology. 


I like to do a little of everything, I sing, draw, write, read, sew etc etc.... I wouldn't necessarily say I'm good at any of them, but I do enjoy having many things to do! I am also a big fan of trying and failing to organise my life with stationary things and google spreadsheets. I also have an obsession with corvidae birds. They're incredible. 


I really want to get into this site, especially the lore and rp possibilities with it. I'm excited, and very very confused!


I think this is a good starting point for an introduction? Maybe? Anyway, this is what I've got!



.... I almost forgot to include my favorite gif of all time. Please enjoy it in all it's glory:


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Hello and welcome! What has you interested in psychology? I love crows and ravens, a murder of crows flies by frequently on my commute and it's a joy to see.


And you are right, handling introductions like this is a very good way to avoid spammers, scammers, and unpleasant people. ;) 


Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions! Your English was fine, by the way. :)

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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


I'm not native English speaker neither.

You can visit multimedia subforum, you may find something you can be interested in :)

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Hi Felicia, welcome to the Dragon Cave and the Dragon Cave forum. :)  I hope you choose psychology, it is such an important field.

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