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World at Large OOC thread

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Thread for out-of-character stuff.


Nations asking Gods for help in creating a species they want their civilization to be based on, Nations that don't know what to do so they're hoping a Hero is around to ask what they'd be interested in questing for, stuff like that.


Also letting people know that you aren't playing anymore, or requesting to begin play, or saying stuff about expected absences are all good.


Any questions for how any of this works, direct to me here. It's better if everyone can read your question and my answer, right? Also, I wanted it here in Freeform so a GM isn't needed. Just do whatever you want, within rules.


If you don't know how to play as a Nation, God, or Dungeon- just imagine this:


Dungeon: You're a magical crystal that can see the area around you, though you don't have eyes. It's like your body is stuck where it is, even if it's floating. Your soul can fly around or inside the crystal, passing through solid things easily. But you can only float away from your crystal a certain distance (dungeon territory). If you want to protect yourself, you'll need to build a maze, a hole, summon or lure monsters into those areas so people deal with those and not you, maybe some traps. Maybe even learn to make treasure to bribe people to go away so you don't get killed.


Nation: Just write normal stuff about a family living their daily life, or an imaginative person doing research. Have the king/emperor/president/prime minister/dictator/etc take notice. Have whatever those people's needs are be needed by other people. Have the people of the Nation start spreading the technology, social values, patriotism, or whatever else. Maybe have the king do some annoying political stuff (including threats and bribes) between other nations. Why not mix it up? Eventually the culture of your Nation will be known by the other players, if you don't say it directly yourself first.


God: There are enough religions in both reality and fantasy. Just put yourself in a God's perspective. What did the one say in Futurama? If you do too much, people get dependent on you. If you do too little, people lose faith. But in this RP, gods don't need to eat faith in order to continue to exist. Do big showy things, or slightly adjust causality. Your choice.

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