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Didn't know I needed to be relevent

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I've been playing DC for a few weeks now but didn't know that the forum community was a separate entity that you had to make an account for (that I'm still a little salty about) and I have only just recently grown a full adult. I have hatchlings galore though, which I am happy about. Does anyone know if the adults need clicks/views/unique views? I didn't think so, but I've begun to second-guess myself.


Also, how do you get a vampire dragon? I'm quite interested in getting one somehow. 


I hope I'm not breaking any rules (that I did not read) by adding some questions in my (required) post. If anyone knows the answers to these things (which I did thoroughly search for the answers to, believe me), then feel free to share your knowledge! I'm all about trying to learn about DC.

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Hello and welcome! To answer your questions:


1. Adults to not need clicks/views/unique views.


2. You get a Vampire dragon when a Vampire dragon uses the Bite BSA (breed-specific action) on an egg to turn it into a Vampire. The dragon will either kill the egg, convert the egg to a Vampire which will remain on your scroll, or convert the egg to a Vampire that the dragons on your scroll will repulse from your scroll, meaning it ends up on the abandoned page (AP).


If you would like some help I recommend requesting a mentor in our thread, The Mentoring Project. I am a mentor myself, if you ever need help please feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to help you!

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