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Rise of the Generations

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"Breaking News...

May 31, 2187


An explosion shook the small town of Ely, NV early this morning around 3 A.M. PST. The exact location of the explosion has yet to be determined. No fire or smoke is visible, nor is any obvious destruction. Some are calling it a seismic event. However, no seismic activity was recorded at the time of the explosion. Locals are claiming it was from the 'secret government facility' north of the town. When investigated further, we were denied access to the strange, unmarked building. The government of the United States refuse to comment. For continuous updates on this story make sure to follow us online at 'Fox5News.com'."




The year is 2187. War has threatened the country for nearly a century. As technology grows more advanced, so does the weapons. Biological, chemical, nuclear, radiological; all weapons of mass destruction capable of leveling towns, cities, even entire states. We have to be ready. Bettering weapons would only get the country so far. We needed a new advantage. We needed a type of metahuman.


Thus gene splicing was born.


At first, it was tweaking of favorable traits. Better endurance. Heightened senses. Better metabolism. This was strictly human traits refined in an artificial, accelerated process of Darwinism. The first generation of the genetically superior.


Then came the adding of genetics. More abilities. The addition of things like gills to breathe under water, or the ability to see in pitch black night. This gen was imperfect and had significant drawbacks. Those who could see at night were blind during the day. Those who could breathe underwater were condemned to live in water, or wear specialized collars to allow them to breathe.


The third generation was the more or less perfected second. The added traits could be turned on or off voluntarily. However there still were some issues of involuntary triggering of traits, usually through emotion.


The fourth generation was splicing of animal and human genes. By creating an unstable helix, the human traits or animal traits could interchange, resulting in the changing of forms. Often it resulted in horrible, mutated creatures that were neither human or animal. Or, one lost the ability to change all together, remaining in one form or the other. More often than not, the subjects did not live long before their DNA began to break down along with their body resulting in death.


The fifth generation was one of grafting artificial limbs. Whether it be another eye, wings, fins, etc. This was a fairly successful generation. On occasion the body would reject the limb and the subject would end up dying. Or injury to the limb would result in loss of function as the natural body could not heal the foreign limb on its own.


The sixth generation was combined with the most successful deviants of previous gens and those able to manipulate the material world around them. By manipulating the brain waves of humans, it was discovered that some subjects could control elements better over others. Or even intercept and understand another creature's brainwaves. These by far are the most near perfect experiments. Success was found by taking children as young as possible, or by manipulating genes of zygotes.





Gen Is are fairly common place. They are half of society. Normal people are often looked down on and slowly are being weeded out. "Only the strong will survive." Them and 'advanced gen ones' serve as military, guards, etc.


Gen IIs are more rare. Few could survive in every day life. Those able to survive keep low profiles for fear of ridicule.


Gen IIIs are uncommon. They pass for human more often than not and too keep a low profile. Usually used in covert military operations. Their existence is kept fairly secret.


Gen IVs are extremely rare. Few survived in testing. Those that did are locked up, or have escaped into the wild. Some are stuck in one form or the other and try to lay low. Never was made public knowledge.


Gen Vs are rare. Most are kept in testing facilities. Well kept government secret.


Gen VIs are growing in number. Most used as government agents and as weapons of war. Walk freely among public, or are kept in testing facilities to train.





Basically you're in a futuristic society of metahumans. They rule society. Normal humans are forced to live on the outskirts and slowly die off to make way for the metahumans. Some generations were never released either for protection of government weapons (the enemy couldn't catch wind) or so it wouldn't call into question cruelty and inhumane treatment of subjects. But all that is about to change as a group of these 'failed gens' begin freeing their fellow experiments and rising up against Gen Is.


Will you be on the side of silencing these abominations, or for joining together to overthrow tyrants?




Most of the United States is made up of cities under domes that dot the country surrounded by wilderness or small, agricultural towns.

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1. Follow all DC rules

2. No godmodding

3. No killing without permission

4. Choose gens wisely. Remember that each except one and six have benefits and drawbacks.




You can chose to be a human, experiment, or a Gen I. Gen I is generally anti-other gens and hunt them down. Same with most Gen VIs.


[B]Gen Number:[/B]
[B]Power/ Gene Splice/ Etc.:[/B]
[B]Personality:[/B] (Optional)







Username: RavenWolf1010

Name: Subject 8 (Raven)

Gender Female

Age: 19

Gen Number: IV

Power/ Gene Splice/ Etc.: She was spliced with wolf DNA, giving her the ability to change forms. It's usually extremely painful and can on occasion leave her incapacitated. While in her human form she retains heightened senses, animal-like behavior, and endurance. She is considered to be one of the more successful experiments.

History: Raven has been in the labs all her life. Given her more favorable outcome, she underwent series of experiments to try and refine her transformation and keep her genetics somewhat stable. They developed a serum to stabilize the DNA interchanging process, however if she stops getting it, it begins to break down just like all the other experiments.

Personality: RP'd

Appearance: WIP

Other: She's slowly dying. Shifting back and forth gets harder every time. Eventually she is going to get stuck and/ or die unless she keeps up with the injections. Currently she's held in a lab but I foresee her breaking out.

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