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Cinnamin Draconna

Filter Change or Expansion

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The current Filter By: dropdown has the following options.....


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Eggs/Unfrozen Hatchlings

Unnamed Hatchlings/Adults

Available for Breeding

Available for BSA



Personally, the only one I actually need is the 'Available for BSA' option.. but I know that other players use the other options too, so I won't address that topic.


What I would like to discuss is a change (expansion?) to the 'Available for BSA' option. Instead of just 'Available for BSA' I'd like the following added to either the current dropdown or in a new, separate dropdown.....

Available for Bite

Available for Corporealize

Available for Earthquake

Available for Enrage/Pacify

Available for Expunge

Available for Fertility

Available for Incubate

Available for Influence

Available for Precognition

Available for Splash

Available for Stun

Available for Summon (Gaia)

Available for Summon (Sinomorph)

Available for Teleport

Available for Ward


By choosing one of the options, only the dragons with that particular BSA would show on the filtered page. I rarely use most of the BSA's so having ALL the BSA dragons show up is annoying when I only want a particular one.


I think a NEW dropdown would work best.

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