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Adding to groups (not really fixed enough)

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We now have the option, when adding to an already created group, to add all of one lineage or of one breed, just like when we create the group.


This does help. But can we please have a way to add BOTH all of one lineage, and all of one breed? Even better would be a way to pick multiple dragons, and then choose all the same breed and/ or all the same lineage.


For example, I want to have all of my xmas dragons, plus their mates, in one group. I have to either: select each breed and then go back and find each mate, offspring, etc that is not the xmas breed and add manually (which is my problem with finding them now!) or add each lineage. Both are more time consuming than it seems this should be. If on the create page I could shift + select each CB xmas dragon, and then choose to add all dragons of the same breed, as well as all dragons that are related to those dragons, I could have them all in the group right away.


Even shift + select without the lineage/ species option would be an improvement.


ETA: It would also be great if, when we find a dragon to add manually, the lineage and breed options show up there as well.

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