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Lu and Mage- You're good to go! biggrin.gif Post whenever you're ready, I'll add them to the suites list when I can~

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...Now that I think about it, it might be a good idea for me to post the suites lists on here. And perhaps the setup of the suites. .....It is almost 2 am and I'm still on here.

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Yo, Sog? Are you going to post soon? Also if you wanna join the Discord, there are quite a few shenanigans going on. xd.png

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Name: Andrea Quill also known as Andra'ath

Fandom: Doctor Who Universe

Veteran?: No

Subject: Weapon Studies

Age: Unknown

Appearance: Quill

Personality: Quill is a strong stern woman who has a sharp tongue and rather blunt when telling the truth. She would rather care less about teaching a class, but also believes in teaching people how to fight back in life.

Relationship to canon character (if applicable):

History: Here's a Link to her past

Sexuality: Straight

Weapon/Special Power: All she has a gun that she can't use

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Sorry for my inactivity. School and sports eat up a good deal of my time, but I'll see if I can get something posted over the weekend.

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Picture:Big image

Name: Baby Groot (But you can just call him Groot)

Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy: vol. 2

Veteran or novice?: Novice

Hero or Neutral: Hero

Age: Unconfirmed (centuries, at the least). Couple of months since last "rebirth".

Appearance: Cute smol tree-man. Nuf said.

Personality: Baby Groot is often obnoxious to danger, especially when music is playing, but can be a very fierce fighter if he feels like it. Furthermore he's a rather slow learner. He tries to be helpful to his friends, but usually he's not bright enough to really help people out.

Relationship to canon character (if applicable): Is canon character.

History: Wiki

Sexuality: I... don't think this applies to babies. Or trees.

Weapon/Special Power: Superhuman strength, superhuman durability, the ability to extend his fingers and arms, the ability to quickly regenerate body tissue very quickly (regrowing lost limbs in a couple of hours) and the ability to be brought back to life if, quickly after departing, a tiny twig from his body is planted back.

Other: I am Groot

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Note: THE LIMIT ON CHARACTERS HAS BEEN REMOVED. I will edit this in the opening post.


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Okay, here we go y'all:


Picture: user posted image

Name: Lara Kashirin

Fandom: Attack on Titan- OC

Veteran or novice?: Veteran

Hero or Neutral: Hero

Age: 15

Appearance: See picture above ^^^

Personality:A little on the eccentric side- stubborn, relatively smart, with a VERY short temper. But all in all, she’s got a very kind heart and is quite loyal.

Relationship to canon character (if applicable): Friends with Armin Arlert, Jean Kirstein (somehow), Sasha Braus, and Bertold Hoover. Friendly but not close with Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman, as well as Ymir (more acquaintance-ish) and Marco Bott. Despises Annie Leonhardt, especially after the hell that happened at Stohess.

History: Daughter of a Military Policeman. Her mother was a former Scout, retired after she married. Lara is the middle child. She wants to surpass Joseph (elder brother), but still be a role model to Finn (younger brother). As a child, she always looked toward the birds in the sky, envious of their freedom. The walls were a cage to her. But she knew that there were Titans out there, so she couldn't escape. She was an aggressive child. People would make fun of her sometimes, and those kids would be confronted by this fuming ball of anger. Probably a fist to the face. She was always scolded by her mother for this. Her father knew Lara wouldn't have any control over what Lara feels. He also knew that she was very curious about outside the walls. After the fall of Wall Maria, the news was a shock to Lara. So she decided she would train to join the Recon Corps. She enlisted at the appropriate age. She decided to tell people up-front about her father. No secrets here- that way people didn't change how they felt about her if they found out. Lara figured that if someone really wanted to be friends with her, they would disregard that. After all, her father didn't necessarily want to be a Military Police officer. That was his father's decision. (You know, strict parent pushes what they want for their child.) It wasn't his fault, nor hers. And her father wasn't even that bad. It's the corrupt officers that ruined their reputation. Lara trained hard, and got to where she stood. At the Battle of Trost, she managed to make her first Titan solo kill, and two assist kills. And yes, she had a boyfriend, and they joined the Scouts together. During the 57th Expedition, however, he didn't make it. Lara was devastated, as per usual reaction, but Joseph (he's a Scout too) told her that that's what she signed up for. There was no going back. And during the battle at Stohess, she watched in fear as all hell broke loose. Naturally. She and Claire (my friend’s OC) are super close.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Weapon/Special Power:3DMG and sheer stubbornness


Picture: Link because image is too big

Name: Lara Croft

Fandom: Tomb Raider (Let's go with Legend timeline)

Veteran?: No

Subject: Archaeology, Physical Education, Close combat

Age: Not sure, probably in her 30's.

Appearance: See picture


Although Lara is very serious about her job, it doesn't stop her from being quite sarcastic and quick with witty remarks. Lara is also quite reckless, often and intentionally "forgetting" safety equipment for mountain climbing.


Initially, Lara does not wish to kill anyone, and is saddened by the loss of human life, especially after killing Larson Conway, Her first Human kill. However as the timeline progressed, she becomes much more willing to kill in order to defend herself, and even takes on some vengeful tendencies.


Despite these traits, Lara has a vulnerable side of her where she's kind and compassionate but she's also stubborn, headstrong, determined, and fearless. Lara is also extremely intelligent and level headed, usually remained calm, even in the most dangerous situations.

Relationship to canon character (if applicable): N/A

History: Lara's history- Legend timeline

Sexuality: Not confirmed

Weapon/Special Power:

Lara is very Athletic, being trained in mountain climbing, gymnastics and is in peak physical condition.


Like the original Timeline, Lara is a very talented marksman. Lara's main weapons are her dual Pistols. However she is very capable of using, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns and Spear Guns.


Combined with her gymnastics and marksmanship, Lara makes an exceptionally skilled martial artist and combatant, usually managing to take down multiple enemies effortlessly.

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Picture: user posted image

Name: Taokaka of the Kaka clan (Tao for short)

Fandom: Blazblue: Calamity Trigger

Veteran or novice?: Novice

Hero or Neutral: Hero

Age: 15

Appearance: Extra image

Taokaka is a catgirl complete with the ears and a tail of a grey shorthair, although like the rest of her clan her face is hidden completely by her heavy hood, showing only a pair of beady red eyes and a toothy chesire grin when she smiles. Her dress is in a catlike motif (with red shorts hidden underneath), covering her arms completely, and she can extend her claws out of the slits, and she has custom high heels to fit her digitigrade stance.

Personality: Tao is a happy-go-lucky simple soul who doesn't care to remember much outside of sleeping and being fed -- in other words, like a house cat. Taokaka does what she wants, whenever she wants, but has the memory of a goldfish. She has a hard time grasping more complex concepts and outside of being completely dense, she is playful and says whatever is on her mind. She appends 'meow' and its variants to her sentences as a verbal tic.

Relationship to canon character (if applicable): Canon

History: Taokaka comes from Lost Town, the village of the Kakas, found beneath Kagasutchi. Humans have built their city on top of the Kakas, blocking sunlight from entering, but the Kakas held no ill will and continued existing as they always had been. Tao herself never really thought about the surface world, except maybe it would be nice to have more warm-spots to sleep in, but she was sent on a mission by the village elder to train outside and become a vigilante to support the village with the money gained from hunting bounties. (In reality, the village elder sent her off to learn how to be less... dumb.)

Sexuality: ??? If you feed Tao, Tao is your friend.

Weapon/Special Power: Taokaka relies on her instincts, her speed, and her claws to fight -- or "play", as she sees it when it's not a serious battle. She loves sparring and finds it very fun, pummeling people even with just her heavy paws. She is surprisingly durable for her size, being capable of surviving extreme falls even when she fails to land on her feet, and can survive all sorts of attacks both physical and magical.

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