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Dragons that are like real life animals!

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I thought of this topic while watching my fish called Kuhli loaches!


Kuhli loaches are like Gemshard dragons in how they act and they are also long and noodly like them too!


I have a planted tank and they like to hang out on the stems or the big leaves and then lynch them self into the ''Air'' wiggling and spiraling around and then falling back down onto one of the plants only to ''Jump'' off it and do it again! (It really fun to watch x3 Love my little noodle fishes!)


They also like to ''pile up together'' and interlock their long body's around each other sometimes!


So! Have you noticed any DC dragon's that happen to act like real life animals?

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For me, the xeno wyrms remind me more of the kuhlis. Particularly the volcano variety!


Besides the obvious kills like the flamingo, The black caped terimarrs remind me a lot of algae grazing species of fish. And for some reason, the honey drak reminds me of planaria! The monarchs get me thinking of siamese cats as well! happy.gif

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