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Confinement of a God

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A long time ago, there was a god named Ura.

She was feared as the god of destiny, always taking the form of a large cobra; While it was said she was able to take the form of a human, people whispered that she was weaker in this form, and therefore would never take it around humans. While she was widely worshipped, people often called her cruel and unfair, giving and taking from anyone she felt like and only caring for her own amusement. Even with offerings aplenty from those that needed her, she wouldn't always lend her aid, even in the slightest.

And so, a group of people turned away by the god in their times of need set off on a journey to take her down to their own level.

And through many trials and tricks, they finally arrived at the god's palace. The leader was the only one to directly approach, and the god, amused, gazed down at him with a cruel gaze. He waited for her to speak first, but she did not; And when he opened his mouth to ask a question, she hissed at him, her long body curled around her throne as she looked down at him.

What do you bring as offering, mortal?

"I bring nothing but myself and a request of you."

And you expect me to listen without a gift?

"If you fulfill my single request, I will bring you all you want."

A god has no need for mortal objects... But you have me interested. Go on.

"Is it true that you can take the form of anything you wish to be?"


"Even the weakest being? And can you prove this?"

The god, oblivious to those behind her, glared down. You doubt me? Then I have no choice. And with those words, she uncoiled from around her throne.

Skin after skin she shed, until she was left in the form of a human, smirking down at the man. While only her shed skin clothed her, she still held the air of power around her. But her mistake had already been made as she spoke once more, her voice having lost it's hiss.

"Now, you do owe me, mortal."

"Oh, no. You owe me."

And with those words, the rest of them struck, caging the god and leaving her without her skins; A set of impure nickel handcuffs were locked around her hands, and a chain of the same metal was locked around her waist.

"You have betrayed the humans that worship you, and therefore, you are the one to have a debt, O 'God'."

"You won't get away with this," hissed the god.

"We already did. You are weak, and unholy, now. We have claimed the throne of godhood, and knocked you down."

The human leader leaned close and grinned, though it was more like baring his teeth than a smile.

"You will bow to us, 'god'."


Years have passed since the god was captured, descendants of the original ones that captured her beginning to rule over the mortals; However, while they had tried their hardest, they were not able to provide balance like the god could. Those who seemed good became evil, those that had seemed spoiled were pure. The world was off-kilter; But still, no one dared free the god.

They thought they could stop it, but they were wrong. There was no stopping the world with a mortals grasp, not without help from the holy. But humans were naive and didn't trust the god, so they let their world fall to waste.

...Or, at least, that's what a young woman had claimed. Outcasted and shunned for being a 'prophet' of Ura, she had warned them all of something big to come.

“When the first is reborn, they will reach the age of unrest. And they will free the gods from their prisons.”

But is it true? Who knows. Either way, a change is approaching...





Nothing OP(even the god has a bunch of weaknesses) and no Gary/Mary Sues!

Also, no godmodding or powerplaying.

The characters each should have one power, as the god gave them it in return for... Going to probably try to force them to come rescue her.

If you'd like to join and no one else has, you're free to choose if you'd like it t be a 1x1 or have another person join! Just tell me; It doesn't matter to me either way. They both have vices and virtues.



History: (optional)




Name: Sariel Clarke

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: While Sariel is somewhat pessimistic and overall gloomy, she has a knack for puzzles and finding ways out of situations. She tends to be rather kind to animals, but not very nice to... Well. Humans. She does have a soft spot for some, but it's not very common; Rather, she tends to mention how she may be able to see when they'd die. ...This, however, has never actually happened.

Appearance: Sariel has dark olive skin, with a bronze glow. Her eyes are chestnut brown, and tend to be on the wide side at all times. Her hair is pressed flat and reaches her shoulders, and she tends to wear flowy and long garments, though thick. On rare occasions, she wears a veil and circlet as well.

Power: A prophet; Able to receive messages from Ura that, sometimes, tell the future. Sometimes it's nonsense though.

History: TBA

Other: Very tired of dealing with Ura.


Any questions, let me know!

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