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1x1 with Aroara

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Yes okay, I'd prefer to play the princess I'm going to be honest but what would you like Aroara? I don't mind playing the dragon if you'd really not like to!

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name; Axel Augustus Darkscale

age: 19

gender: male

Appearance: Human Hes nearly six and a half feet tall as a human, muscular with deep red brown eyes.

dragon his eyes are tinged a red brown vary large and intimidating

personality: He might look scary but hes actuality huge cupcake. Axel is shy, and quite lonely longing for a friend, however most animals and people are terrified of him and tried to kill him many times, leaving him scarred and reclusive. Hes simple minded and doesn't really understand human value of certain objects.

likes/dislikes: pretty singing, incense and flowers, shiny objects and bright colorful cloths. he collects things from ordinate swords and shields to heavily embroiderered dresses and cloaks, fur lined boots and quilts to books with illuminated pages (although he cant read he likes the pictures) tapestries decorate his walls in varying stages from nearly complete to old and falling apart. Axel also likes the stars, and gardening. He doesn't like being alone, bullies, screaming, fighting, and thieves. His favorite food are plums and his favorite color is silver

history: Axel's parents left him when he was able to fend for himself at a young age. A year ago he nearly stepped on a hurt baby fox and feeling sorry for it, he took the tiny creature in, healing it and taking care of it. the animal was his only friend he had so when the king's huntsmen shot him during a fox hunt he got so angry he couldn't thing strait and demolished several towns, burning quite a few crops and cattle in the process. He didn't expect the humans to respond in the way they did.

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Name: Priscilla Bellmour

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Priscilla thankfully inherited her mother's looks who was considered to be the fairest in the lands in her prime. She has pale skin (which are really fashionable at the moment) with no blemishes and large light green eyes that are framed by long blonde lashes (they almost look white in the light sometimes super weird). She stands at 5'2 and her long blonde hair cascade down to her hips. Her nose is small and upturnt and her lips are tinted a red color, her face is heart shaped and she always carries herself with her head help high (which makes her seem unapproachable to some people)

Personality: Priscilla has always been obedient to authoritative figures and she had always been grateful for the things she had been given, realizing that as a princess she had many privileges that other girls didn't. She always works hard and tries her best and though she does not have any particular natural talents she makes up for it by always being the first one up to practice and the last to leave the room at night. She has a soft spot for children and animals and all helpless things and shes always taking in strays much to the annoyance of her father. Underneath her desire to be a dutiful daughter however is a insatiable curious girl who loves to learn how the world works. She enjoys listening to (and reading) tales of adventures and brave knights who travel far a wide and reach lands of endless sands or oceans that have no end.


+Riding horses




+Her older siblings

+Her mother


+comfortable dresses

+small animals

+big animals


+playing the harp

-brutish and arrogant men

-being trapped in the castle all the time

-the knowledge that she will be trapped in the nunnery after the castle

-when her older sister runs off

History: Born to the royal line of Bellmour as the fifth and youngest daughter, Priscilla had always been the backup child that would probably never be used. Her three oldest sisters would be married off to princes and lords while Priscilla and the second youngest daughter would be sent to nunneries as the king could not afford to pay for the two's dowry. So Priscilla grew up knowing that she was expendable however if she was unhappy with her lot in life she never showed it like her older sister who regularly escaped and made laughingstock of the king. Instead, Priscilla seemed content to try the best at her lesson and support her older sisters and brothers who all fostered a good relationship with their youngest sister. She was two years from being sent to the nunnery when on her sixteenth birthday, a dragon begun to wreck havoc in her fathers kingdom. In an attempt to appease the angry dragon the king made to sacrifice his youngest daughter. Priscilla was devastated but she did not fight the kings wishes and again played the dutiful daughter knowing that as the sacrifice for a dragon was a life better spent than one wasted away in a nunnery.

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CRASH! Crunch Went a wooden hut under his tail. He snorted and stomped roaring as steam rolled from his eyes, salty tears evaporating once in contact with his hot scales. The hut belonged to the skinner, and he just crushed the tanning house full of beaver and Fox fur, however the little black marbled Fox pelt was no longer in there, for it was made into a wedding gift for the king's daughters. As for which one he didn't know or care, he hated the petty human laws and confusing system of relationships between each other.



A roar and a swipe, he had taken off the roof of the nice wooden house at the edge of the King's forest. Another thrash of his tail felled a tree. Smoke bellowed from his nostrils, filling the air with a sulfuric scent. Rearing up onto his back legs, belly glistening with diamonds, emeralds and silver coins he screamed in anger and sorrow, shaking the earth with the sound, lighting up the darkening sky with a column of flames reaching the heavens.



Satisfied with demolishing the fine house that held his friend's murderer he took to the skies and flew back to his cave in the Blue mountains landing with a sniffle and walked inside, head low, wings and tail dragging heavily behind him. Once inside he flopped on his side, toppling over a stack of books, a pile of neatly folded clothes and sending half of his nest of silver objects, gems and crystals sliding down from the natural slopped alcove that held it. He remained motionless whimpering. His home felt cold and empty without his precious Fox.

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Large raindrops broke on the stone walls, splattering and dripping down into the growing puddle on the stone windowsill. Priscilla watched as above the grey clouds crackled and rumbled noisily. She didn't fight back any tears, she had already accepted her fate. She straightened her white dress quickly as she heard the echoing of footsteps on the stone walls. She turned up as the door opened. It was Beatrice, her third oldest sister her face red with tears. Priscilla had known that as soon as Beatrice had heard of her father's decision to sacrifice her younger sister to the dragon, she had immediately fallen to his feet, begging him to reconsider, to send an army or several brave and valiant knights instead. Priscilla had also known that Beatrice's time and effort had been wasted as the king turned her down every time but her actions still deeply touched Priscilla. Even if the only thing the bards would sing about was her sacrifice to the dragon, Priscilla had made an impact as a person to her siblings.

"I'm sorry Priscilla, I couldn't do anything for you." Beatrice wept, running over to embrace her younger sister. She buried Priscilla's head in her chest and nuzzled her head on Priscilla's head, quietly weeping as a princess should.

"Beatrice don't cry, I am glad that I am able to give up my life for the good of this kingdom." Priscilla responded, feeling the tears welling up in her eyes. Watching her sisters upset always broke her heart, and being the cause of it pained her even more.

"What did we ever do to deserve you?" Beatrice whispered, holding up Priscilla's face to look her in the eye. "Here, I wanted to give this to you." She slipped something hard and cold into Priscilla's hand.

Priscilla fingered the object with her fingers and then slipped a glance at it. It was a gold necklace with a diamond center, Priscilla begun to open her mouth to protest, that the gift was wasted on her, that she would be dead soon anyways so it really would have been pointless to give her that necklace. Beatrice gave her a knowing smile before Priscilla could speak and then looked up to guards clearing their throats.

"Its time." They declared seeming almost to feel bad for intrude on the two.

Beatrice looked at Priscilla one last time, as if to memorize every detail of her younger sister before pulling her close and kissing her head.

"Goodbye little sister, I'll miss you so much."




"Are you scared?" Victoria, Priscilla's oldest and most beautiful sister asked pursing her red lips and brushing back her younger sister's hair affectionately as the bumpy carriage shook her hair out of place again, rendering Victoria's gesture pointless.

"Yes, but I am glad that I will be able to give up my life to benefit the kingdom." Priscilla repeated, and she meant it. If she could protect everyone's lives just by giving up hers, it wouldn't be such a bad deal in her eyes.


The carriage begun to slow.



"Wait sister before you go, take this." Victoria reached to her side before pulling out a dagger, covered with a red sheath with intricate gold designs.

"Sister, you've always been a good girl but we've always known that you've wanted more and you deserve more." Charles, Priscilla's oldest brother begun, "Do you think we didn't notice all those books you took from the library? The way your eyes light up when the bards come to court? We know that you want to experience everything for yourself and now, well you can." Charles ruffled Priscilla's hair as he explained their plan to her.

"My husband owns a occisor mine, the metal is very rare and very delicate and hard to work during the forging period, the most skilled blacksmith find it almost impossible to work with the metal and many see no point in producing it because against anything other than a dragon it will shatter easily, against a dragon, it will cut through the scales like butter." Victoria whispered, leaning close to Priscilla with a twinkle in her eyes. "Defeat the dragon and sell the necklace Beatrice gave to you, the dragon should have amassed its own riches, it should be enough to take you wherever you want to go."

"All your life you've lived it for everyone else, it is time that you live it for yourself now sister. I know you can do it." Charles whispered, as he and Victoria pulled Priscilla close for a tight hug. She received a kiss on her forehead from each of the two siblings as she slowly made her way out of the carriage.




The guards tightened the final knot on the rope that wrapped itself around Priscilla's wrist and attached her to the tree.

"Dragon, we have brought a young, beautiful, virgin princess to appease your rage. Do with her as you will and we only request that you cease to terrorize our kingdom." The guard called out loudly and then existed with with the clinking of their armor, the larger one turned back for one last ruefully glace at the princess before catching up with the other guard.


As soon as the guards were out of sight, Priscilla immediately begun to work on her bonds.

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His head hurt. And his body. He'd slept wrong and cried himself to sleep waking only when muffled shouting sounded. Something about a princess and destroying things. With a loud groan he pushed to his feet and huffed, stepping heavily to the cave entrance. He wanted this to be over quickly, he wasn't in the mood. Besides there was no princess here. Stupid metal clad humans.



With a sniffle and a sneeze of black smoke with a small tongue of flame, he exited the cave to the rainy forest that surround it. Another moan Axel swung his head side to side blinking hard to chase away the last vestiges of sleep.


Sitting on his rump, he yawned till his jaw popped squinting at a petite figure in white tied to a tree. He frowned and tilted his head. "You're no knight." he leans in close squinting at her nostrils twitching as he drew in her scent then a blast of hot air that rippled her wet dress as he exhaled. "You're a woman. " he turned his head looking at her with one large red brown eye then the other. She was nearly soaked through to the bone, and the rain didn't seem to want to let up any time soon.


Standing on his hind legs and looking around for anyone who was near by his sharp eyes spotted a speedily retreating royal carriage surrounded by guards. If he went there to bring someone to take the woman, his wings would be shot full of arrows. With a heavy sigh he looked at the girl before wrapping his claws around her and the tree, ripping it from the earth and snapping the rope. Picking her up in a claw he limped into his cave. When inside he removed her from the tree, plopping her down on a red and gold velvet lounger. He snapped the evergreen like a tooth pick, dropping the kindling into a large fire pit before igniting it. The blaze quickly chased the chill out of the massive cave, gems and strategically placed mirrors lit up the cavern quite nicely. There were many things of high value.


Rubies the size of a baby's head, diamond studded mirrors and a dress made of gold thread. Bundles of silk in such vibrant colors, books with covers encrusted with pearls and emeralds bound in silver covers. Nearly every corner held something shiny, twinkling brightly by the bright red gold light of the flames.

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Priscilla had just loosened the rope almost enough to wiggle out when the dragon came crashing out of its cave. Thunder rumbled as he approached her and the earth shook as he spoke. He seemed to be expecting a knight but with a hot breath of air that warmed her for a second before the cold rain eloped her again. The dragon looked around for a second- perhaps for a knight to fight before he decided that Priscilla would do.

He ripped up the tree she was tied to and snatched her up with one claw. She was dumped on something cushiony and the tree the dragon had picked up was thrown in a pit and then with a great roar, set aflame. Priscilla immediately noticed the treasure that had been illuminated by the fire and that steeled her resolve.

She quickly came to the conclusion that the fire was to cook her and as soon as the numbness was chased away, she unsheathed the dagger Veronica had gave her and begun to charge at the dragon, feet pounding loudly against the ground.

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He was indeed intending on cooking something over the fire, but it wouldn't be her. He turned his head at the sound of her feet, snorting at the tiny knife in her hand. He made no indication of moving as she closed in on his hind leg. That little thing wouldn't even scratch his scales.


However this thought was mistaken as she plunged the knife into his leg and it sank to the hilt. "Ouch! What is that?! Stop that woman!" he snarled wincing at her attacks. He pulled a carpet out from under her and held his nose against her belly. "I said stop this nonsense girl, you're hurting me! I'm not so heartless to leave you bound in the rain where you can catch your death of cold!"

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Priscilla clung tight to the dagger as the dragon swept out the rug that she had been standing on, sending her to the ground. The dagger had definitely damaged him as evidenced by his response. He pressed his nose uncomfortably close to her. Her heart beat faster as adrenaline rushed through her. She was really going to die if she didn't do something. Her palms were sweaty as she raised the dagger and slashed it across his nose, warm blood spilled on her hands and dress. He had said something before but she couldn't hear it over the roaring of blood in her ears. Her breathes were coming to her fast and heavy, she held the dagger in front of her, ready for the dragon's reaction.

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"Yeaaaaaaahhhoooowww!" He roared in pain spewing fire at the ceiling turning he retreated to his bed, swiping a bloody claw at the coins sending them at her as he faced the wall cowering. "Nasty human girl go away! Go away! First you take my only friend from me and now you hurt me?! Leave me be... leave me alone and go away...." He sobbed, fat tears slipping down his scales as he held his nose with both claws. "Horrible meanie! Nasty bully! Go away! Go away.... !" He sobbed sniffling his nose still bleeding. "I was trying to help you! I don't want to hurt you, I don't like hurting people! But you humans killed Toby and stripped his fur for a bride gift, you humans killed my little fox friend! Leave nasty human girl! Haven't you hurt me enough already?" He sobbed shaking as he tries to stop the bleeding with some leaves in his nest. "That's gonna scar... I don't want any more scars..." Edited by AroaraAngelwolf

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Priscilla raised an arm to deflect the gold that was sent her way, she squinted her eyes and cocked her head in confusion, resuming her stance where she held the dagger defensively in front of herself. Was he serious? This seemed like a ploy- to lower her guard? He was crying and his vocabulary somewhat represented that of a small child that had their favorite toy taken away. She held her stance cautiously, not quite willing to trust the large dragon in front of her.

She listened as he continued blubbering, something about a fox named Toby? He seemed very upset that Priscilla had hurt him and seemed to want her to leave. She just stood there, dagger pointed towards the dragon, unsure how to response.

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"The bleeding won't stop.. why won't it stop?" he whimpers and waddled through the coins to a pile of old swords, picking out one that had a scorch mark on it. Struggling to get a deep breath, he heated the metal and coderized the wounds on his body, moving over to a deeper corner where a pool of fresh water formed. Washing his claws he heated the blade again and winced as he pressed it against his nose. Hissing in pain, he dropped the hot blade in the water and held his nose again.



He glanced her way then looked at her seeing her still there. "I said go away bad human! You hurt me! Go away! Pick an item and go! Just go... leave me alone." He sniffed wiggling his scarred nose. "I'm always alone... except- except when Toby was here!..." He covered his eyes sobbing. "He liked to chase my tail... and kept the mice from chewing on my books with the pretty pages...." he threw a shield at her feet " No wonder those humans left you in the rain. You're a meanie! A big bully! What did I do to you? I only brought you in so you don't get sick... I should've just left you there in the rain and wind."

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Priscilla flinched when the shield was thrown towards her. The dragon was attempting to heal up his wounds. He didn't seem to have any interest in her at all. He kept on going on and on about a fox named Toby. He seemed genuinely upset and wanted her out of his cave it seemed, he begun to insult her, claiming that her people had abandoned her for a reason. She begun to calm, disbelief taking over, hadn't he gone on an unstoppable rage and destroyed several villages? Destroyed a village and killed the parents of one of the guards she was close to in fact? If he didn't want a sacrifice, what did he want? Well it definitely wasn't her and Priscilla didn't plan on sticking around long enough for him to change his mind. She turned and fled into the cold rain.




Sheathing her dagger, she took shelter under a large tree with a little patch of marigolds, cold and soaked to the bone. Rain ran down her face and she covered her shoulders with her hands in an attempt to preserve warmth. It was impossible to see with the rain clouds blocking out any light that the moon or the stars would have provided.

Priscilla had escaped from the dragon's lair though not quite in the way or condition she had imagined. The nearest town would be a couple hours from where she was and it would be impossible to navigate in this storm. The only thing she could do in her current situation was to find shelter- but where? She begun to walk, the tree had not given her much shelter anyhow and it was probably dangerous to be standing under such a large tree in this storm. Her shoes soaked and pinched at her feet and so she took them off, tossing them aside. At first the cool wet grass felt nice against her burning feet but then little stones and twigs begun to embed themselves into her small uncalloused feet that were unused to any sort of demanding labor.

She kept on walking, searching for any sign of shelter from the cold rain but the only thing she saw were trees and grass. She saw a big tree and approaching it, she saw a patch of little marigolds under the tree. It was the same tree she felt as if she had left a long time ago- she had been going to circles. Priscilla couldn't help it, she begun to cry. She had never been out far from the castle before, let alone in these woods and it was cold and the heavy rain showed no signs of ceasing.

If she could sit through this rain, perhaps she would be strong enough to make it back to the nearest village when the rain let up. She sat down in the pile of marigolds. She was so exhausted and she could feel a fever coming. The marigolds seemed such a vivid orange despite the gloomy skies that blocked any light.

Veronica, Beatrice, Jocelyn and her used to always go flower picking. Veronica had taught her younger sisters the meaning of flowers and how to use them to send messages, and though the messages were simple ones, the sisters had delighted in them. They had often sent each other flowers with different meanings, alstroemerias, for friendship, or acacias for platonic love.

Priscilla racked her brain for the meaning of marigold but she couldn't remember. The only thing she could remember involving marigolds at that moment was a time where Charles had received a huge gash on his leg from hunting. There was so much blood and she had been worried sick, holding his hand and talking to him the entire time his leg was being treated. Eventually Charles had fallen asleep, clutching her hand tightly- not like she had any intentions to leave anyhow. Priscilla had begun to watch the nurse's actions with interest, questioning everything she did.

The nurse had made a paste out of marigold and applied it to Charles's leg, explaining that the marigold would help his wound heal faster. Priscilla had watched in fascination.

She plucked the marigolds, toying with their petals. She sneezed and thought of the dragon, he wounds bleeding into the pool of water. He had been genuinely in pain and despite that he had not attacked her, though it did not excuse his actions, perhaps the dragon was not as bad as she thought. Clutching the marigolds, she made her way back to the cave.




Announcing her return with a little sneeze, she approached fire and placed down the marigolds. Leaving a wet trail behind her, she made her way to the dragon's hoard and dug out a gold pot. She placed the marigolds in the pot and begun to heat it. She had no wax, no honey, no oil, how was she supposed to make the salve? She sneezed again, the fire was so warm and comforting and everything was becoming fuzzy.

"The marigold," She begun to explain, sneezing before she could continue, "Excuse me, the marigold also known as calendula will help your wounds heal faster," She sneezed again, rubbing her nose and wringing out her wet hair.


(Look I drew the bbys look at this grumpy baby and look at this shy baby)

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(Oh so lovely babies! That's axel alright!))


Once the human girl left and didn't return he shrank in size to the body of a man. His face had a scar across the bridge of his nose as he sniffed and held a ragged cloth to the wound, tying it around his head to keep it in place. Carefully he cleaned up the mess, adding wood to the fire and setting the pig on it to roast.



He was adding new leaves to his bedding, burning the old bloodied one when a sneeze sounded. Something dragged on stone then another sneeze. The girl returned, and by peaking at her from the stack of jewels she was drenched and flushed with fever. She said something about marigolds being used to heal. He knew this and had the things in a trunk somewhere to make the salve. He learned it from his parents before they left. "You're not going to hurt me again?" He called out, his voice still deep but not as rumbling as before. "I think I have something to make it in that mahogany chest by the gold statue of a elephant. " He called out again cautiously slipping closer to the girl. He didn't know if he would trust her. He should shift and chase her away. In human form he was very weak and vulnerable. Many dragons don't even reveal their human selves to their mates. He darted behind a wardrobe that held some fur coats and dresses closer to the fire. "Why did you come back woman, haven't you done enough?" He sounded like he was holding his nose, both irritated and weary of her.

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