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Avatar of Vīvīane (Accepting Character Sheets)

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Very few remember the war, even fewer remain alive to tell its tale, but the scars left behind on the land are sufficient enough to remind the passing generations of the great battle that occurred long before they were conceived. Some refer to it as the Thousand Year War, others have labeled it the Vīvīane Catastrophe, but what was written in text kept it short and simple, the Great War. As to what initiated the conflict, no one can say for certain, but the primary perpetrator, the one blamed by all, was a great, powerful and malignant Archdemon who was given the title 'Xīlfāň' or 'The End.'


Vīvīane, named after the goddess who bestowed life to the world, is the Capitol Kingdom and the most prosperous of all the kingdoms in regards to agriculture and education, renowned for training powerful mages and hosting the grandest festivals in all the lands. Surrounding the Capitol are many grand towers that survived the Great War, but within the center, the tower that had represented the Capitol itself, had been reduced to an untouchable scar in the land. A final display of the Great Archdemon's prowess before he was banished into the unknown void. Regardless, the Archdemon had accomplished leaving a scar within everyone's minds that would render them the ability to be completely happy.




In the not-so-distant future, Year 2087, a scientist discovered what he believed to be an infinite energy resource that could be used to avert the looming crisis. Yet, upon further study and several tests, he discovered something far more fascinating. With the appropriate concentration of energy into a body and a jolt, he was able to transport his consciousness into another body within a different world. Capable of moving around naturally despite vague differences in anatomical structure. In order to return, succumbing to rest returned him back to our world where he immediately began to refine his methods and narrow the window down to a singular body.


Yet, as time passed, the government eventually discovered his findings, the technology he developed and the unknown potential lying within this other world. Only, there was a rather large dilemma they faced and that was they were incapable of retrieving anything from this world from our side. More time passed and the scientist eventually found a way that they could.


A small, elite team of soldiers underwent training and acquired their individual bodies from this other world. Communication was a key skill needed for their purpose and learning such an alien language proved difficult. In order for them to cross over physically, the government would need to acquire the trust of powerful mages and to do that, each ruler of each Kingdom needed to be convinced. Three teams of three and four paired teams were sent in to accomplish this task, a total of 17 individuals being thrown into this foreign land to act as diplomats.




In this RP, you can either play as a soldier/diplomat who links to an avatar within Vīvīane or you can play as one of the many inhabitants of the magical land. As a soldier/diplomat, your purpose is to convince the nine Kings/Queens to provide aid in opening a direct portal to connect the two worlds together. Of course, challenges will await you as traveling across the land in itself can be the death of you. Other events will also transpire the further we progress, revealing more and more of the plot I have in mind.




Character Sheet:


- Username:

- Character Name:

- Age:

- Gender:

- Race: (What are you? Human? Elf? Etc.)

- Description: (Images and text are allowed)

- Personality:

- History:

- Weapon: (Please understand that guns and such are not available, but this might change later on. For now, we'll stick to the basics.)

- Other:






- Basic DC Forum rules apply.

- Keep everything within a PG-13 rating, if you wish to get more descriptive then either take it to PM or some form of chat.

- No Mary Sues/Gary Stues

- Understand that I am the GM and rules are subject to change. If something occurs within the RP's plot that I do not approve of, please either edit or remove the material so we can carry on.

- I want you to have fun and feel free to enlighten me with ideas.


- RPers are limited to one soldier character for the time being. There are no restrictions on how many characters can be used within Viviane outside of Mages.

- Mages, specifically Arch Mages, are non-playable as they are plot essential. This does not mean you can not play a Mage-type character, by all means, feel free to do so, but I will notify you if I consider these characters too strong.

- Uhh... have whatever sweet treat you desire and I look forward to RPing with everyone.

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