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Love like a fairy tale

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What happens when one combines beauty and the beast with Cinderella? And Cinderella was actually Cinderfella? A dark tale of a terrifying misjudged creature, and a handsome yet mistreated orphaned servant combined into one. When a high Lord returns shaken and disturbed, forced to send one of his own daughters to the Beast's castle to save his own life. The only hitch is, he has no daughters and instead forces a lowly servant to appease the beast instead of his precious selfish sons.


It is said only the love of a blue blood can break his curse. But said blue blood must be born of old money and see past his looks and fur to the true man underneath. Once a con man who had a savage temper, spurned a Nobel witch and thus cursed. Could this be the one deal he makes to see his true face once more or will he lose all hope and his humanity along with it?




Name: Beast (he can't say anything about his name.)

Age: undefined, it has been frozen since he was transformed

Gender: male

Other: his name was once Xavier Grayson. He was in his early twenties when he was cursed. He used to have a fowl temper but after years of continuous solitude mellowed him... mostly. Of course he was entirely alone. The castle he stays is large and magical. Anything that is broken is mended the next day, clothes are folded, washed and pressed. Sheets changed, dinner made etc.


Looks: He has a variety of clothes he wears. It's something like this, and he stands like that.

or something like this (my art)

he looks like this with blue eyes.

his human self

(Other art not mine)


His beast form is eight feet tall even, snow white fur, ice blue eyes and snowy teeth with pinkish black gums and a dark pink tongue. His front paws are like hands, with shorter blue claws than his massive back paws he can walk bipedal or feral. His voice sounds like a combination of a growl with a almost neutral sounding voice (think princess mononoke wolf with a slightly lower sound to it)


In his human self, he is six feet three, broad shouldered and muscular, scarred from battle, bar fights, and from living on the streets. He has ice blue eyes, tanned skin and a voice that can sell the snake oil back to the snake oil salesman double the price.

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And for our Beau...


Name: Raleigh Ebernholm*

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Other: Raleigh is an orphan. He has no knowledge of his parentage or any siblings. He was taken in as an infant by a nobleman and raised to become one of his servants. He has a myriad of markings across his body, remnants of his punishments and mistreatment by the lord and even other stewards. As a result, he's typically humble and careful with his words, but he is strong-willed and not afraid to voice his opinion when the need arises.


He's highly adept at housekeeping and catering, and has a love for all literature.


*Surname is an adopted name from a character in a book he's fond of. He has no family name.


Looks: Raleigh stands at around 5' 7" and is relatively fair-skinned. He has red-brown eyes and wavy pitch-black hair that is tied down tight with a white band, with bangs hanging around his cheek to chin. He wears a grey-blue vest over a white cuffed longsleeve, with brown breeches to match. They are tucked into unadorned leather boots. He hides a plethora of scars under his neatly suit, with a well-disguised burn mark from a poker on his left side.

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Lightning split the sky like an angry god dragging a white hot knife across the marbled grey and ink blackness of the clouds. The road that once was a packed dirt path now was a muddy river carrying the panicked horse and equally terrified rider to seek shelter for the night so he spurred his steed off the road to the dense forest that was equally ominous and foreboding as the sky above.


It was a horrific tempest such as this that brought the Lord to the coast to check on his ships. He only lost two thankfully, but two that held his best trade so money would be a little to tight for his spoiled narcissistic sons would like.



Just when the gale seemed it has done it's worst, fate plays a strange twist on things. Lightning struck a tree, splitting it in two. The Lord's stallion threw its rider and charged off into the black leaving his master unconscious in the wood, unknowingly in front of a iron gate of a castle hidden from view by the torrential rain.




The Lord awoke in a feather bed, in clean clothes and a tray of hot soup with herbal tea beside him and a fire blazing in the hearth. Deciding to wait out the storm, he attempted to seek out his hospitable host but turned up empty handed. The storm eventuality wained and disappeared by the third night. On the morn of the fourth day, a powerful black charger with a gilded saddle awaited him in the courtyard. Once more he scoured the castle for his host, this time trying every door, leaving no corner untouched. The only sign that he even had a host was the placement of a book on a bench in one of the corridors. Seeing that it was in beautiful condition- a book his youngest son loved well and was upset when his own copy got destroyed when a branch broke the library window at home- he decided that if this text wasn't placed where it should be, it must be a parting gift to him.


The Lord slipped the book into his cloak and went out to foryer while adjusting his new hat, calling a thank you to the one who showed a older man mercy in such a dreadful storm when he ran into something blocking the open door. The man promptly fell on his rump.


"I'm trying to leave this drafty eerie tactless place! Who blocks my-" The Lord's mouth hung opened as a nearly eight foot tall wolf like creature dressed in a color that matched that of dried blood with a navy blue cape fastened to his lapels. With a rumble the beast showed fangs as pure as it's snowy pelt.


"This is how you repay your gracious host? I've been more than generous by allowing you to stay here and you pay your respects to me by insulting my home and stealing my precious things!?" it roars lowering itself to a more feral state, stalking forward each inch the Lord scrambled back. "T-The book? I-I-I thought you... didn't want it... I thought it -it was a gift... m-my youngest loves it.. p-please spare me!" He bagged as the creature lifted a claw to strike.


The Beast hesitated then snorted pushing itself to its back paws again. "I am feeling generous today. I will let you go and take the book with you-" The quivering man sighed in relief. "But it shall be brought back by your youngest daughter by nightfall in two days time. If you don't meet my terms, I will hunt you down and keep you locked in my dungeon until you die. Now SCRAM!" At the roar, the Lord didn't waist a second dashing by the beast, mounting his horse and careening through the woods on to his home.


The Lord arrived around midnight that very night, having nearly run his horse to the ground in his escape.

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The night was a mess.


A great feast had been prepared, composed of the finest glazed pheasants and the tenderest of vegetables, stuffed by only the most succulent dressings and drowned in fine gravies and malts, served beside no less than the most ancient wines and mead. The servants had been sent mad-dashing around and about since before daybreak, fetching the fine silver for display and setting the grand table. And what would they partake of in it? Nothing but the promise of another tomorrow, provided they didn’t sully a single cloth or misplace a single drip.


Raleigh himself was busy, too, though not with the typical fare he was presented with. No, it was worse.


“Oooooh, I do hope Father shows up soon. He won’t want to miss the cake we got ‘im,” said the thinnest.


“Huh!” Exclaimed the fat one. “And what about us? Imma ‘bout to waste away ta nothin’ waitin’ ‘ere on ‘im! Must be layed up with some rake—UGWOAH!!!


A crack of a baton against skull resounded. The “handsome” one, with his scarred face and surly features, wielded an ornate snake-headed cane in his hand, ready to strike again.


“Is that all you can think about is your stomach?! Hah. Father should’ve tossed you to the cyclone in his stead...you putrid, rotund, distended bag of offal!”


He kicked out his fine black boot, smacking the heel against Raleigh’s face. He reeled for a second, but it was too long.


“Did I say to stop, knave?! Work that leather over good! I better not see even a modicum of scuffing or debris by the time you get done!”


In the moment his eyes dared to lift, he saw them: three horrible, ugly brothers seated on ornate thrones, all sons of the lord of the castle. Each seemed to be some horrid personification of sin, holding within them a sliver of the Devil himself. Raleigh kept his eyes low again and replaced the blackened towelette to the man’s boot, occasionally anointing it with polish every now and again as needed. Above, the three continued to bicker and rumor amongst themselves, ignorant of his presence.


He paid nothing much any mind until the doors of the castle flew open, a herald bumbling forth in a soaked tunic and pantaloons, a state of shock evident on his face.


“My lord returns! He returns, and on a black horse and gilded saddle, no less!”


Raleigh took it as a sign and hurriedly rose, ignoring the petulant grunting of the brother he had tended to. It was his duty, as well as his priority, to tend to the needs of the lord above that of the sons, and so he sped into the inky night to his side, hands going for the tack before being smacked away.


“No, no! Keep your hands cleanly! Herald, fetch me my stable boys instead!” The lord corralled Raleigh to the side of the manor, well out of ear- and eyeshot of any prying. He held him by the shoulders and spoke to him, hushed and trembling:


“You...you, boy, I have a task for you. The greatest I could ask of you.” Raleigh stared at him as he rifled through his satchel, withdrawing a lovely leather-bound book with a gold-sealed edge and bold letters on its face and spine. He handed it to him gingerly; Raleigh accepted it the same in turn. He though to give the pages a turn, but the lord held him fast again.


“You know that great, darkly castle up upon the mount?” Raleigh shook his head “yes”.


“Good; now, I am entrusting you with an important mission. Inside the castle lives a man. He wanted this book delivered to him. I need you to take it to him tonight, for he is very impatient.”


“But...but why me? Why not a messenger or someone--?”


NO!” He cut him off before he could ask anything else. “It must be YOU. Now go! Quick, before night leaves us and day breaks! I cannot imagine what would...”


The lord trailed off, and before Raleigh could complain, he was shoved repeatedly onward toward the road. Confused, he simply walked, looking back to see the lord motioning for him to hurry. Though he had no inclination of what lay at the end of the path, he walked.


When the servant had escaped his mind and he could find a moment to pardon his morality, he looked to the sky, making a cross upon his chest for protection.


“God have mercy on your cursed soul.”




((Updated chara appearance! No pic, but the description should do~ Will have Raleigh's arrival at the Beast's place tomorrow!))

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His two days where nearly over. It wasn't until after the Lord left in a rush that he realised the man never said anything about a daughter. Well, it's good that he's flexible however if the one who was sent, the child of this Lord wasn't so flexible, there will be hell to pay.


He paces on all fours in front of a extravagant hearth in a large dinning hall. The flames cracked and cast long shadows across the cream and bronze polished floor. His white reflection was all he saw as he huffed, and swayed as he walked, one paw in front of the other as the grandfather clock ticks the second away.

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In the dark, a person found solace. Hidden away from the expectations of the light, crowded upon by only the chirrups of insects and the hushed rustle of leaves, it was peaceful. The night was cool, but not biting, and the moon overhead provided a steady light to see by. Raleigh was alone.


It was the first time anything like this had happened. Him? Being sent away from the mansion by his lonesome, being entrusted not only with another's burden, but not to run away while he had the chance? And it had crossed his mind--no one was here to stop him. There were no guards at his side chomping at the bit to stick him like a hog if he tried. The lord was not mounted just behind him, ready to deliver a lash if he stepped out of place...


For some reason, he felt compelled to comply. Something about the weight of the book in his hands, the texture of its bindings...the way it almost radiated with an aura of importance...


But maybe he was just making excuses. Something about the prospect of being lead by destiny to a distant, gloomy palace excited him. It was akin to the fairytales and gripping adventure novels he adored--he found the concept almost romantic, in a way.


A light chuckle escaped him as he turned the tome, giving it a good look over before thumbing through its contents. Raleigh chose not to dedicate his full attention to it, though, seeing as it could be construed as rude in some fashion by its owner. He knew their parting would come soon, and having to leave a new and dear friend would be too much to bear. From what he could glean from his skimming, it seemed to be a love story: a vicious, reviled monster is appealed to by a beautiful, but stalwart village woman, and through her love and dedication it is revealed that the monster was a fallen prince, brought back to the light of humanity by learning to love as she did. To most, it was trite, well-trodden ground.


Raleigh found it sweet. Visions of himself in the place of the protagonist carried him onward, almost hopeful for what would meet him at the climax.



At last, he had arrived.


In front of him, the pock-marked grey stone stood steadfast and tall, the imposing wooden doors cold and uninviting with bars and ringlets of iron across their faces. Raleigh walked up to them, placing a hand on one of the knockers and pulling it back. When he struck it against the wood, the door pushed inward, groaning as the darkness beyond overcame it. His hand eased back in wonder.


It's so...lonesome...can anyone really live here?


Steeling himself against the unknown--it couldn't be any worse than punishment--he stepped forward, blinking his eyes until they adjusted.


Inside, the air was damp and chill. There was an acute musty smell, like lingering mold, which was made more evident by the stillness surrounding him. The foyer was rather large, and took a fair amount of feeling around to get his bearings, but he did manage to smooth a hand over what felt like another large, cold set of doors, likely made of metal and etched with fine, but indistinguishable figures and forms. When his hand found the handle, the light behind him faded quickly, the familiar squealing of metal hinges echoing. Raleigh's head snapped around, the sliver of moonlight extinguished before his eyes with a resounding thud.


"No..." his voice quivered, "...n-no! NO!"


He stumbled toward the door through the shade, thrusting out an arm to find the entrance. The door stayed sturdy, with no give, not even shaking as he pushed against it with all his might. The servant gasped in descending horror, his breath shuddering and catching in his throat.

What's happening? W-why won't the door open?!


He stepped back, trying to settle the growing dread in his stomach. He tugged the book to his chest and felt the wall to the other entrance, tugging at the handle until it flew open. Raleigh darted for the color beyond.


But he did not get far.


"Oh...oh, my..."

Reds. Gold. Bronze and blues. A great hall stretched out before him, ornate crimson carpets climbing marble stairs lined with polished banisters. His eyes followed them, leading up the cleanly warm walls into the vaulted ceilings, where glimmering crystal chandeliers lit with candles hung; a stark contrast to the lobby before. No, this room--this palace--was utterly suffused with light, handsome in decor and ready to welcome an entire assembly. He was stunned. It eclipsed even that of the lord's estate.


And yet, it was entirely empty from what he could see.


His gaze tracing over the tiny circled florets in the ceiling, he wandered near the middle of the hall, a stylish emblem embroidered in gold underfoot.


"Hello?...Is anyone here? I don't mean to burst in unannounced, but I was called here to return some property..."

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Boom The sound made the Beast pause mid step, head turning to the open door leading to the dark corridor beyond the dinning hall, ears swiveling. His prisoner, or rather guest, has arrived.


While the banging and pleas for the primary door to unlock and open sounded, the large canine creature rounded the door of the dinning hall and into the unlit corridor beyond it. Staying in a dark alcove, he watched the second entrance open and a figure dash through only to freeze in the grand splendor of his home. The corridor in which he lay in wait was directly in front of the entryway, one of three hallways branching from the entry hall on the main floor. Three more where on the second floor, one directly center of the balcony, both it and the corridor in which the Beast lay observing his guest, was framed by the two marble stairways that curve from the golden disk in the floor up to the second floor.


Not a woman by the way they're dressed. Doesn't smell female either. thought the creature creeping closer, glad for the plush crimson velvet carpet beneath his paws to muffle the sound of his claws. He stopped where the light from the grand way seeped into the corridor, flicking off the gold unlit sconces, the only other light source was the bright band of light at the end behind him where the rich scent of roasted pork, glazed pheasant, freshly baked bread and other concoctions that wafted through the air.


"Hello?...Is anyone here? I don't mean to burst in unannounced, but I was called here to return some property..." This made the creature chuckle. A deep rolling sound, frightening only from its source but otherwise sounding... relieved. He stepped forward so the light reflected off his eyes and created a vague outline, but still otherwise out of sight residing to not terrify his guest too soon.


"Aye. I am here. Please join me for dinner and bring the book with you. I have been expecting.... well a woman but you'll do. Down this hall at the end. You must be hungry, supper is ready. The eyes blinked then turned around, as he spun and in a flash of rich blue, green and white, he darted down the corridor and into the dinning hall. The scrape of a chair being pulled out sounded before he hid in the deep shadows of a alcove that usually held the wood for the fire still unwilling to show himself.


((Completely remodeled it. Hope it's better.))

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Just to let you know, I'll be spotty with posting until the 20th or so. I've had surgery, and haven't felt much up to doing anything because of it.


(Posting this in all RPs I'm in.)

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