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The Dragon War

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So I started writing a short story based in the universe of dragon cave. Here is the first "chapter" I made. I'll update the post frequently. If you have any question, suggestion, spelling mistake, etc, just tell me!


October 25th update: Fixed a few spelling mistake


In the world of Valkemare, dragons lives in harmony with humans, sure, some dragon types are less friendly than other, but there wasn't any war in years, the last one being between the rare gold dragons and the humans, who killed them for their gold. One day, they started to attack humans. Since then, Valkemare was in peace, but for how long? That's what Pete would find out...



Near the mountainous area of Xuhumro rested a little village where lived Pete. Pete worked in a small shop where adventurers came and bought materials before going in the mountains. Pete had a normal life. Today, Pete woke up earlier than the other days. After a few years of working in his dad's shop, he learned that there was a period where adventurers came more often to the village. He went to his shop and prepared himself for the day.



The door opened and a few men entered. They took some food and supplies and came to pay



-Just a quick question, asked Pete, why did you decide to come here today?



-We are looking for rare Ice dragons. They can be found more often these days.



-So you are gonna look for eggs?



-No! we hunt the dragons. Why wait years for the dragon to grow up when you can kill the adults and take their scales now?



Pete was really angry. He always thought people came to the mountains to take eggs and collect dragons, not to kill them! Fortunately, he knew that was pretty rare and most people came back with eggs or hatching. After a rough day of work, he went to his friend's house, Lucas





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