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►■☆✿✌❀☢♡user posted image♡☢❀✌✿☆■◄

Are you also playing the free to download 3rd person MOBA game Smite?


If so what is your favorite class, god, skin, god card, voice pack, ward etc.?

Which god did you buy first? Which gods do you have at mastery X?

Which god do you hate the most?

Which map you like to play the most?

Which Mythology/god's lore do you find the most interesting?

Are you looking for new friends to play with?


Username: FoxintheBox94

I like to play Mages; I was in love with old Ao Kuang who became Kukulkan now but I really enjoy playing NuWa, Nox, Anubis, Scylla, Hel and Aphrodite right now smile.gif

Have Kukulkan and NuWa at mastery X ☺

The first god I bought was Fenrir though ~ now I have a god pack ☻

I usually play Assault and also like Siege ☺

I really hate Freya, Bakasura and Tyr ninja.gif

I wish I had Fenrir's voicepack ~

I like Egyptian and Norse Mythology ☻

My favorite god skin right now would be K-9 Anubis tied with Dread Queen Serquet ♥

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