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The Batrikean Asylum

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What happens here follows no plot.

What happens just happens.

Below I will keep a list of the dragons in this so called Asylum.

Please bear with me as posts will be limited as my school and work schedules are hectic.

I do appreciate feedback but please PM me your thoughts.

Be aware.

Some patients are dangerous.

Be sure to read over the danger levels before entering the Asylum.


Danger Levels





Any contact is allowed



Relatively Safe

Be aware of them

No need to worry for your life




Don't stand in front

They strive to injure, not kill




Will Kill

Avoid contact

Visitors are only allowed when patients are secured in their rooms




The patients under this level are, under no circumstances, allowed visitors anywhere near their wing.

If visitors are found in the Omega wing, they will promptly be sedated and returned to the waiting room.

That is if they aren't already dead.




This code is for the patients that work as the staff.

They technically aren't patients but are seen as true patients by the other patients.





Code Blue

Omega containment breach

A patient of the Omega level has escaped.

All patients are to return to their rooms immediately.

All visitors are to return to the waiting room immediately.

Nurses will be about to help guide you to where you need to go.

If you resist you will be sedated and returned to your proper place.

Nurses are handling the situation.

Stay calm, you will be notified when the code is over.


Code Seven

Visitor Breach

A visitor has entered a restricted area.

All patients are to return to their rooms.

The visitor is to return to the rotunda to be dealt with.

If the visitor does not comply to the request, they will be sedated and contained.




First Floor

Second Floor


Asylum Patients


Barik - ??? - ???

Vida Anta - Female Antarean - Patient Manager

Mama Franza - Female Balloon - Well-being Overseer

Bolt D'coy - Male Bolt - Containment

Malah Tiece - Female Black

Syis Bruta - Female Brute

Whiplash Tie-al - Female Whiptail

Anaga Lisa - Female Anagallis

Cliffside Black - Female Blacktip

Carmine Falcone - Male Falconiforme

Skarra Sata - Female Magelight Pygmy

Blik Dergan - Male Black

The Angels (3) - Nocturne

Lucius Carvilius Velus - Male Brute

Hook Talone - Male Hooktalon

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{Ckshhht..} The PA system crackled to life. {Vida and Franza please report to the receiving dock. Vida and Franza to the receiving dock} A monotone voice said. Three dragons looked up from the table they were sitting at. Two of them got up and headed to the back of the building. One was a female Antarean Dragon. The other, a female Balloon Dragon. "Mama Franza, what do you think is coming in today?" The Antarean asked the Balloon. "I don know Vita, I jus hope 'tis Alpha." Mama Franza answered, floating next to the Antarean.


A dragon grumbled nearby. The two were passing the Goldenrod Wing, the homes to the Beta Class. "Hush Syis." the Antarean said to the grumble. "I do what I want here Vida Anta." Syis snorted, the female Brute said. She was curled up in the middle of the hallway, looking rather uncomfortable.


Vida and Franza made their way down the Staff Wing to the receiving dock door. Vida picked up a dart from a rack on the wall. The dart was filled with a fast acting sedative. A Bolt Dragon was waiting at the door. The Bolt nodded to the two and opened the door. A small female Black Dragon stood in the corner of the receiving cell. "It's an Alpha." The Bolt said, leaving the two with the new patient. "Thanks Bolt." Vida nodded.


Franza moved closer to the Black Dragon. "I is Franza. Buts you can calls Mama. I care for yous Well Being. You feels as no treated well, yous ask for Mama" The Balloon cooed. "I has dis Vida." Franza said. Vida Anta nodded and walked away. An Alpha was no need from more than one Sigma. The Balloon reached out her hand toward the Black Dragon. "Takes my hand. I shows you to yous room." she said. The Black Dragon cautiously took the Balloon's hand. The Balloon slowly began to float down the hall, the Black Dragon in tow. "What is name?" Mama asked. "Malah Tiece." the Black Dragon mumbled. "Malah Tiece? Is nice name. Mama like." Franza chirped. The two passed the Goldenrod Wing, Syis was still in the middle of the hall. "Freshy" the Brute hissed. "Be nice Syis. You were new once." another voice echoed from further down the hall. Syis huffed and fell silent. "No mind them, they no harm to yous. They Beta, Yous Alpha. Different class no interact." Mama reassured. The Balloon lead Malah to the Hayven Wing. "Yous is seventeen. Room 'tis on right." Mama said, motioning down the hall. Malah nodded, though she seemed as if she didn't want to leave Mama Franza's company. "No worry. Yous only Alpha." Mama said. "I musts goes." she said. "Please don't leave me." Malah whined, as the wing was locked by the Balloon. Mama floated away, her heart broke each time she had to leave the new dragons. She felt cold, as cold as Bolt D'coy. Bolt was in charge of Re-containment, he had to be cold to be able to discipline the patients when they wouldn't return to their rooms.

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{Chshhht...} Static, always static. {Bolt to the violet wing. Bring back up. It's Lucius again}


The Bolt Dragon snorted. "Again?" he growled. "Vida! Grab me a Beta!" he shouted to the Antarean in the Staff lounge as he walked out the door. As Bolt passed the Goldenrod Wing, he smashed his tail into the steel doors. "Rise and shine Betas. You have a job to do!" he said continuing sown the main hall and into the Staff Wing to retrieve a special sedative.


Vida got up from the pillow she had been sitting on, a few minutes after Bolt had left the room. She headed to the Goldenrod Wing and unlocked the steel doors. She entered the wing and called for a line up. "Syis, Whiplash, Anaga. Line up!" she demanded. Even though the Beta Class were relatively safe they were treated like they would do something. The Sigma Class wasn't going to take any chances. The Female Brute, Whiptail, and Anagallis, stood in their room's door ways. Syis clearly wasn't happy, a scowl on her face. "Lucius is having another episode and one of you need to help us calm him down. You know who I'm going to ask first." At the mention of the Male Brute, Lucius, Syis perked up a little. The two were secretly dating, though Lucius often forgot in his fits of rage. "Syis, are you going to volunteer?" Vida asked the Brute. "No. I'm done helping." Syis snapped. The Brute turned and re entered her room, closing the thick curtain. The curtain was the replacement for a door for safety reasons. Syis hated saying no, as this was her only opportunity to see her lover. But every time the male forgot who she was, a small part of her was ripped away. "Anaga?" Vida asked the Anagallis, her eyes on Syis's curtain. The Anagallis said nothing. That was a yes from this one. "Good. Come with me." Vida said, waiting for the female to follow. Anaga, emotionless, followed behind the Antarean as they exited the Goldenrod Wing and entered the Rotunda. Vida led the Beta toward the Violet Wing. Roars and thuds could be heard echoing out of the wing.


Whiplash walking to Syis's room and sat down in front of the curtain. "Syis, are you okay? Do you want to talk about it?" the Whiptail offered. The Whiptail was answered with a growl. Whiplash sighed, dipping her head. She couldn't win with this one. She often questioned why Syis was a Beta instead of a Gamma or Delta. She also questioned why she, herself, was a Beta and not an Alpha. She shrugged off the questions and returned to her room, curling up on the pile of pillows in the corner. The beds were comfortable but Whiplash liked to feel as if she was hiding.

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