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Escaping Virtual Reality 1x1 with Tardograd

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It all started when you received a letter. It invited you to become a part of a new game gamers were creating. It was the first ever game where you could enter a game and actually move about. However, the gamers that created this soon realized that after the first few people died in the game they would die in real life. Scared, they tried to shut down the game in hopes it would eject all the players, but it was no good. The game continued on. It was now up to the players to finish the game and beat it.



As a character in the game, you can be anything you want, as long as it's to a reasonable extent. In order to free yourself from the game, you have to beat the overlord of the game and his army of evil minions in each town. To beat them, you have to do quests to level up.



1. No Godmodding

2. No Mary Sues

3. I'll think of some more later


Character Sheet

[B]Online Name[/B]:
[B]Appearance[/B]: (don't be afraid to add details)
[B]Level[/B]: (start out at level five please)
[B]Abilities: [/B] (try not to make your character too overpowered)


Characters so Far:

Name: Zoey Smith

Online Name: Dalek Raptor

Gender: Female

Species: Raptor

Appearance: At first glance, she looks like a normal velociraptor, but part of her left face is a grayish color with a blue eye while the rest of her body is normal colored. Her claws are unusually long as she has weapons going over them making them look sharp.

Level: 5

Abilities: Dalek Raptor has the ability to run extremely fast, is handy with lock picking and pocket picking. She can see well in the dark.


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Online Name: bot

Species: squid alien

Appearance: user posted image

Level: 5

Abilities: shooting laser beams and lightning beams

Other: a bot


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Could you give a bit more detail on how the level system works and what the game world looks like? Is it a platformer? Open-world? Is it retro, voxel, cartoony or realistic? What enemies can we encounter? What kind of quests are there, and what NPCs. What is the plot of the game? Is it to escape? That would make sense.


Please answer these questions. smile.gif This seems really cool.

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*tilts head* are you sure you want to go with a bot tardo? If so I have no problem with it

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