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The Fox's Rest

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For years, an undercover, supernatural organization has worked behind the scenes of humanity to ensure that those of a wicked or malicious intent were put down swiftly. But they didn't deal with human criminals - they dealt with those of a stronger nature.

Enter the Enforcers, or as some like to be called, the Claws of the Organization. Unforgiving and undaunted by fear, the Enforcers form the bottom line of the Organization, and that's where most start.

Then come the Fangs of the Organization, the ones who deal with the REALLY ruthless creatures out there.

And then there are, of course, the Eyes and Tails. Eyes look for information, Tails cover it up. When the four work together on cases, there is no issue. While the Eyes guide from a good vantage point, the Claws or Enforcers deal the damage.


But, thankfully, none of these people are human, perse, but people given a special form of Guardian, known as an Ego. For some, their Ego is outside of themselves, a being they form to protect themselves from threats. For others, they've gained enough control to BECOME their Ego or always had that ability - there will always be prodigies.

To activate the Ego is simple - one must simply concentrate and will it to BE. No special words. No commands. And only one rule - Egos can only be used to hurt beasts or evil, not the innocent. Those who break this rule are hunted down.




This is my first attempt at a Sandbox Roleplay. The majority of "quests" or "jobs" will be given at the Fox's Rest, an anime-styled cafe where anyone can rest or recuperate. Each of the four "ranks" of the Organization have their own perks.

Be creative with your Egos. Don't just make them be wolves or dragons. Make them be armored collossi, or even dragon tiger things. Maybe even warriors of the past. Your Ego armor should reflect your Ego.

Using Ego armor removes your Ego. This means you cannot have your Ego fight with you when you use the armor, but you gain their abilities, offenses, and defenses.


This Roleplay is loosely based on 7th Dragon iii Code VFD, Persona, and Shin Megami Tensei. As such, there might be a few similarities. You are allowed to also make references to them or make up your own ideas. Jobs can be waited on or made up on the spot.


One rule: Be creative.


The setting is Eastern Futuristic, meaning it will have a lot of Japanese/Anime themes while also keeping to futuristic ideas. Lasers exist, as well as AI and robotics. Machines do as much as humans, or maybe even moreso. Several other advancements in medicine have been made.

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(( After some people asked me some questions, I am now actively trying to fix a bit of this rather than let it stale.


ALSO, you can have a trait of your EGO even when they aren't out, such as pupil shape, animal ears, tails, or other appendages. Keep in mind you should probably remove these when out in the public, or uh... you know, whole secret thing is blown. ))


Character Sheets:



Character Name:





EGO: (Remember, be creative with this.)


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