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Classic way to listen music

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In these days, we usually listen music with 'digital' way. But some still listen music with analog way. (I heard that LP is sold more than music CD in these days.) I used to listen music with cassette until 2 years ago. Unfortunately, player was broken and that was too old to fix so I can't listen with that now. I also have some LP that has Beatles' songs. Those are digital remastered one though.


Are you still listen music in these ways? Or do you have some episode related with them?

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I recently bought a gizmo that resembles a Walkman without the belt clip, but with a USB cable and software that will allow me to make digital copies of my cassettes. If I can ever figure out the bleepety-bleep controls, that is. mad.gif


I've got a bunch of filk tapes that are still in decent shape but they're out of print with no way to replace them, so I want some kind of backups. Plus I want to upload them to YouTube, because some of the songs are amazingly good and/or hilarious. Unfortunately, the program is not exactly self-explanatory, and the digital copies keep coming out ridiculously quiet, I-can-barely-hear-that-at-full-volume quiet. I'm reasonably sure it's a user error, but I have yet to figure out what I'm doing wrong.


But at least I can still listen to the tapes themselves, by plugging my headphones into the cassette deck portion of the thing.

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