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The splits went back to their cave, unaware that the shatter, a new breed, sat in their egg. Then, it hatched. At first, the parents didn't see a problem, but then, 1 head opened it 8 eyes. It kicked the others and they ripped apart the egg. This showed the true extent of the genes. each of the 8 heads possessed 4 tongues and 8 eyes. The body had 8 legs, and 4 stumps that were to become wings. Ending its body, were 4 tails. Fearing an exile, they threw the hatchling away. A shield found him, and brought him back to his nest, were he grew into a full sized shatter. When he was in the garden, a pygmy spotted him, and called animal control. the shield fought the dragons off, but one sneaked past and knocked him out . They captured the shatter and experimented on him. One day, he had had enough. He made a plan, and the next day carried it out. He went on a rampage, and, once out he founded the dragon rights committee, to stop the thing that happened to him from happening to anyone else


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