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What chrome extensions do you use?

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So I'm a huge fan of all mods in general but chrome extensions make me particularly happy.


This is my list:


Add to Amazon Wishlist (does what it says on the tin)

autoConvert (converts all units including currency)

Black Menu for Google (puts drive, keep, calendar, search, etc all in one easy-to-access button)

Category tabs for google keep (sort your google keep notes by color)

ColorZilla (get the hexadecimal color value off a page with an eye dropper)

Cool Clock (hourly updates to help keep track of time, alarms, countdowns)

Disconnect (Speed up browsing by blocking a lot of things)

Downloads - Your Download Box (keep all downloads in a button like on firefox instead of at the bottom of the screen)

Emoji input (does what it says on the tin)

Google Music Amplify (makes it easier to name and upload music to google play)

History Blocker (blocks all history on a certain domain -- I'm looking at you AO3)

iMacros for chrome (automate tedious tasks *NOT a snipe bot*)

Lazarus: Form Recovery (saves all form inputs temporarily in case you close the tab or something)

Medical Translator by Iodine.com (turns medical jargon into easy-to-understand words. useful for school research.)

Music Bubbles (A moveable bubble on every tab that lets you skip, pause, rewind, and amplify music playing in the google play tab.)

New XKit (for tumblr)

Page Ruler (Measure, in pixels, the size of an area on screen. Useful for forum coding.)

Pearls Extension (Automatically highlight words or phrases on a page. Useful for sniping and skimming info.)

Pin it (pin an image to pinterest.)

Quick Javascript Switcher (quickly turn javascript on or off on a page. To be used on possibly dangerous sites.)

Ratings Preview for YouTube (shows the likes-dislikes bar under the thumbnail of a youtube video. *warning* slows loading youtube down significantly.)

Rocket Dashboard (A better new tab page)

Save Image To Downloads (right click to save an image without bringing up that other window.)

Search by Image (right click to use an image in a google search)

Snap Links Lite (Right click and drag to open a large number of links at once)

Stylish (Makes things prettier, highlights important images)

Super Auto Refresh (does what it says on the tin)

The Great Suspender (Automatically suspends unused tabs to free up system resources.)

Turn Off The Lights (makes the page around a youtube video dark to distract less)

uBlock Origin (Ad blocker)

WOT: Web Of Trust (View the trustworthiness of a webpage)


Wow I have an issue. So maaaany. What are some of your favs?


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i, too, am a connoisseur of google chrome extensions!

here's the ones i currently use, though some are disabled when i'm not using them.

  • adblock
  • auto refresh plus
  • embark: new tab page featuring a cool photograph and the current time
  • eye dropper: picks color from webpages and shows its hexadecimal, rgb, hsl, and name value
  • google dictionary: honestly my favorite extension, highlight a word on a page and it gives a definition, and you can alternately search for words without opening a new tab
  • momentum: also a new tab page with a cool photograph & time but has a to-do list and asks you what you plan to do today
  • new xkit
  • stopwatch & timer
  • tab snooze: saves tabs to a list, and you can choose when they reappear or if they stay in limbo until you need them again
  • tabby cat: new tab page that features a cute kitty you can interact with!
  • tumblr savior: tumblr blacklisting tool
  • visualping: monitors web pages for changes and alerts you when something has changed, very useful for catching ticket sales
i'm really interested in some of the ones you have installed! disconnect, lazarus: form recovery, page ruler, and the great suspender would come in super handy for me. chrome extensions are super great. Edited by catmosphere

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I don't have a whole lot... I use Chrome, and only have ad block (with DC whitelisted, of course), xkit for tumblr, tumblr savior... and the extension that turns the word "millennials" into "snake people" because it helps keep me from getting annoyed at all the articles griping about this generation.

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I have Ghostery (blocks IP trackers people tend to have on their tumblr blogs), Adblock, ColorPick Eyedropper, ZenMate (proxy), XKit, and Qmee (occasionally puts advertisements up when you search on websites and gives you a few cents for clicking on one.)

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Hmmm, let's see...

  • AdBlock Plus
  • Link Clump (Drag and Open multiple links)
  • Auto Bookmarker
  • Tumblr Reblog
  • Post To Tumblr
  • Reaction Packs For Facebook
  • Text URL Linker (Turns text into links)

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i use adblock, lightshot, deviantart message notifier, tumblr savior, checker plus for gmail, new xkit, and stylish (to make tumblr cute and pink)

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Literally the only extension I have is one for my virus protection thingy... How boring. tongue.gif

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I add extensions all the time!! :P here's my list:

  • AdBlock
  • Stylish (lets me customize how webpages look for me)
  • Tumblr Savior (lets me blacklist terms/phrases on tumblr)
  • No More Music Players (disables all music players on people's tumblr blogs)
  • Soundcloud Downloader (downloads tracks from soundcloud)
  • Animal Crossing Music (plays Animal Crossing music according to the hour, depending on game of your choice)
  • The Trumpweb (changes every instance of Donald Trump's name to include one of his ridiculous tweets)
  • AO3rdr (let's me blacklist terms on Archive of Our Own)
  • New XKit (an extension for tumblr)

and of course lots of google docs extensions ᶘ ᵒ㉨ᵒᶅ

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Some more:

  • Auto Refresh (not used for DC)
  • Digital Clock (for ND Experiments)
  • Secret Facebook Emoticons
  • Downloads (So it's more like Firefox downloads than Chrome Downloads)
  • Stylish
  • Lightshot (Print Screen Screenshot Editor/Uploader)

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I mostly use:


1. Grammarly (better than spellcheck! Highly recommend)

2. Digital Clock

3. Adblocker Pro (turned off for DC though :3)

4. Ultrazoom (lets me zoom in a lot, think it's no longer available though)

Edited by Clya

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My most used extensions are:

New X-kit (tumblr extension)

Soundcloud Downloader (pretty self-explanatory)

Tab for a Cause (a new tab page that lets you help donate to charity with each new tab)

Goodblock (an adblocker that donates money to charity with each site whitelisted)


Outside of that, I also have Ghostery, Skype Calling, Zhongwen Chinese-English Dictionary, Diigo, and Cite This For Me, though I don't use them as much.

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The missing e - Tumbr

RES - Reddit Enhancement Suite

Edited by sevenstorms

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