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Darkest Dungeon

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I didn't see any thread for this game (correct me if I'm wrong!) so I figured I'd start one myself! Anybody else here play Darkest Dungeon? Do you have a favorite team composition? Do you rename your heroes, and if so do you follow a theme of some sort? What's your favorite area to run missions in? Least favorite?


Answering those in order: I have a favorite comp for every dungeon, but my top one would be Man-At-Arms, Abomination, Plague Doctor, and Antiquarian in the Cove. I only rename my heroes when they reach level 6, where I give them a title of some sort, like "Reynauld the Red." I love doing stuff in the Cove, but the Weald is the bane of my existence.

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I started playing this weekend, so I don't have quite enough experience for fancy teams yet - I've mostly just been experimenting with different classes and attacks. I definitely want to start planning comps for the different areas soon, though, and actually take out the bosses that I've been avoiding.


So far I really like Hellions and Houndmasters. There's no dedicated healer I'm particularly fond of, but I've mostly been using the Occultist despite how frustrating it is when Wyrd Reconstruction goes wrong. I haven't renamed anyone yet, just because I don't have a long-term plan. And finally as for areas... like I said, I haven't advanced really far in terms of missions but so far the Cove is my least favorite (I rely on Bleed a lot more than Blight so I'll have to adjust my tactics before I'm really comfortable there).

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