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Metal Gear

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hello thought i would see if anyone is playing phantom pain still I would love to start a topic off I love metal gear and have been a fan for years.


so if you feel like a chat lets great one.

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On 4/15/2018 at 7:32 PM, SonicFairy said:

I AM A HUGE METAL GEAR (and Raiden 💜 💜 💜) FAN!!! I am looking forward to "Codec-calling" other "Foxhound Agents" ... as long as there's no swearing. ⚡


Raiden is love. Raiden is life. ⚡ 💜

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Solid Snake has returned to the Smash Bros series! If you have a Nintendo Switch, be prepared for December 7th of this year for Super Smash Bros Ultimate! They even madea Snake Amiibo!


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